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Cox H. & S. Paulsell
Lamentations and the Song of Songs
In Lamentations, well-known theologian Harvey Cox draws on a wide array of sources including poetry, novels, films, paintings, and photography to offer a contemporary theological reading of Lamentations which is provocative and sure to stir numerous theological reflections and responses.The biblical book of Song of Songs has historically been seen as a book pointing to Christ's love for the church and has been interpreted in allegorical ways. Author Stephanie Paulsell suggests that the Song can still have profound meaning for us, teaching us "to love not only what we can see shining on the surface but also those depths of the other which are out of our reach."
Belief. A Theological Commentary on the Bible, WJK Press, 2013, geb, 300 pp, € 27.50, 9780664233020
Gross, Heinrich

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Die Neue Echter Bibel. Kommentar zum Alten Testament mit der Einheitsuebersetzung, Bd 14, Echter Verlag, 1986, pap, 92 pp, € 17.00, 9783429009991
Herzberg, Judith
Voor een project in samenwerking met de componist Boudewijn Tarenskeen, bewerkte Judith Herzberg de bijbelse Klaagliederen, net zoals ze eerder met het Hooglied in haar 27 Liefdesliedjes deed. Herzberg werd geinspireerd door de vergelijking in de eerste zin van het bijbelboek: Hoe zit die stad zo eenzaam, die vol volk was, zij is als een weduwe geworden...Herzberg beschrijft de vele gedaanten van verlies
De Harmonie, 2011, pap, 38 pp, € 15.99, 9789061699941
Parry, Robin A.
Van 26.95 voor 19.95

Traditional scholarly commentaries aspire to open up biblical texts in the light of their ancient social and cultural contexts. In this commentary Robin Parry seeks to take the insights of such works seriously yet also move far beyond them by considering Lamentations within ever-expanding canonical and contemporary contexts. How do the words of Lamentations resonate when read in the context of Jeremiah?

Or in the contexts of Isaiah 4055, the New Testament, the history of Christian anti-Semitism, or the suffering of victims today?
The question at the heart of this unusual engagement with the text is How can Lamentations function as Christian scripture? Parry argues that the key to answering this question is to follow the ancient liturgical tradition of the church and to see the text in the light of the death and resurrection of Israels Messiah Jesus. According to Parry, Lamentations is Israels Holy Saturday literature the cries of those caught between the death of Jerusalem and its resurrection. In this context Christians are able to make connections between this anguished Israelite poetry, the sufferings of Jesus, and the sufferings of the world.
These biblical-theological links have the potential to open up fresh and imaginative theological, doxological, and pastoral encounters with a sadly neglected biblical book.

The Two Horizons Old Testament Commentary Series, Eerdmans, 2010, pap, 260 pp, € 19.95, 9780802827142
Salters, R. B.
The International Critical Commentary, T&T Clark, 2010, geb, 375 pp, € 73.50, 9780567576514