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Hoop, R. de, M.C.A. Korpel, S.E. Porter (eds)
The Impact of Unit Delimitation on Exegesis
This volume contains papers dealing with the impact of unit delimitation on exegesis. Pargraph markers play an important role in literature, this is illustrated by means of the examples of Mark 12:13-27 and Romans 1:21-25. The setumah after Isaiah 8:16 is significant for understanding the making of the Hebrew Bible. Furthermore, it is demonstrated that the text divisions in the Book of Daniel guide the reading of the text. The demarcation of hymns and prayers in the prophets is illustrated by the examples of Hosea 6:1-3 and Isaiah 42:10-12. Unit delimitation is taken up for the theory of an acrostichon in Nahum 1. Also discussed is the delimitation of units in Genesis, Isaiah 56:1-9, and Jeremiah and Habakkuk
Pericope - Scripture as Written and Read in Antiquity, vol 7, Brill, 2008, geb, 288 pp, € 99.50, 9789004171626
Korpel,M.C.A., J. M. Oesch, S. E. Porter (eds)
Method in Unit Delimitation
In this volume selected papers from several Pericope meetings have been combined into a thematic volume, dealing with the method of unit delimitation. A hitherto unnoticed Tibero-Palestinian manuscript from Paris is discussed, as well as the text divisions in the Leviticus and Joshua Codices from the Schoyen collection and a fifth-century lectionary. The volume closes with a proposal for a new polyglot Bible, containing data with regard to unit delimitation from our traditions, Hebrew, Greek, Syriac and Latin.
Pericope - Scripture as Written and Read in Antiquity, vol 6, Brill, 2007, geb, 232 pp, € 93.50, 9789004165670
Korpel, M. en J. Oesch (eds.)
Studies in Scriptural Unit Division
Along with other contrbutions this volume brings together the papers read during the Second Pericope Meeting at the Rome, 2001 SBL conference. The Pericope series aims at making available the data on unit delimitation found in the ancient manuscripts of the Hebrew Bible, the Septuagint, the Peshitta and the Vulgate to Bible translators and exegetes and to evaluate these data for the benefit of biblical interpretation. It will contribute significantly to our understanding of the meaning of Scripture as it was written and understood in Antiquity.
Pericope - Scripture as Written and Read in Antiquity, vol 3, Van Gorcum / Brill, 2002, geb, 288 pp, € 87.75, 9789023238409
Korpel, M. en J. Oesch (eds.)
Unit Delimitation in Biblical Hebrew and Northwest Semitic Literature
Scripture as written and read in antiquity Bible scholars and translators are often confronted with the problem of sectioning biblical texts. Until recently sentence division and paragraphing were largely left to the imagination of the individual scholar. This resulted in a wide range of different divisions of one and the same text. There is, however, a lot of long neglected evidence on how the ancient scribes themselves understood the structure of the texts they were transmitting.
Pericope - Scripture as Written and Read in Antiquity, vol 4, Van Gorcum / Turpin, 2003, geb, 320 pp, € 93.50, 9789023239789
Korpel, M. en J. Oesch (eds)
Delimination Criticism
The first volume of the new Pericope series, Delimitation Criticism contains the papers read at a workshop of the Pericope Group during the First Meeting of the European Association for Biblical Studies, held at Utrecht, The Netherlands, 6-9 August 2000. The volume highlights the importance of the long-ignored unit delimitation markers in ancient manuscripts for the interpretation of Scripture. Much of the data presented here has never been published before and opens up fresh vistas for biblical scholarship.
Pericope - Scripture as Written and Read in Antiquity 1, Van Gorcum / Brill, 2000, geb, 365 pp, € 98.50, 9789023236566
Korpel, M., J.M. Oesch (eds)
Layout Markers in Biblical Manuscripts and Ugaritic Tablets
A lucid delimitation of textual units appears to have been a serious concern of ancient scribes. In this fifth volume of the Pericope series this is demonstrated in the papers read at the Fourth Pericope Meeting held in connection with the SBL International Meeting at Cambridge, 2003.
Pericope - Scripture as Written and Read in Antiquity, vol 5, Van Gorcum / Brill, 2005, geb, 227 pp, € 86.00, 9789023241782
Strutwolf, Holger, Klaus Wachtel (eds)
Novum Testamentum Graecum, Editio Critica Maior, Parallelperikopen | Parallel Pericopes
van 99,- voor 54.50

This is a special edition of the Greek text and critical apparatus for 38 parallel periscopes from the Synoptic Gospels. The apparatus comprises all the variants of 154 manuscripts that preserve text from at least two Gospels.

Hendrickson pub., 2012, geb, 160 pp, € 54.50, 9781598569407