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Opruiming Bijbelcommentaren & Bijbelstudies

Kijken in een wazige spiegel. Werkboek bij de Nieuwe Bijbelvertaling
NBG, 2005, pap, 88 pp, € 4.50, 9789061268666
Almond, P.C.
Adam & Eve in Seventeenth-Century Thought
K 6
Cambridge UP, 1999, geb, 240 pp, € 20.00, 0521660769
Barbiero, G.
Studien zu alttestamentlichen Texten
Stuttgarter Biblische Aufsatzbaende Altes Testament 34, Katholisches Bibelwerk, 2002, pap, 303 pp, € 14.50
Bolin, T.M.
Freedom beyond Forgiveness. The Book of Johah Re-Examined
K 55
Journal for the Studies of the OT Supplement Series no 236, Sheffield Academic Press, 1997, geb, 217 pp, € 12.00, 1850756422
Clines, D.J.A.
On the Way to the Postmodern. Old Testament Essays, 1967-1998 vol 1
From 101,- for 15,- For these two volumes, the author has selected 50 articles and papers, ten of them not previously published, from his work as an Old Testament scholar over the last 30 years. Some of the papers, like The Evidence for an Autumnal New Year in Pre-exilic Israel Reconsidered, are far from postmodern in their outlook. But there is ample evidence here that the postmodern is indeed the direction in which his mind has been moving. The essays are organized in eight sections (Method, Literature, History, Theology, Language, Psalms, Job-and, for entertainment, Divertimenti). They include Reading Esther from Left to Right, Beyond Synchronic Diachronic, Story and Poem: The Old Testament as Literature and as Scripture, In Search of the Indian Job, and Philology and Power-as well as The Postmodern Adventure in Biblical Studies.
Journal for the Study of the Old Testament Supplement Series 292, Sheffield Academic Press, 1998, geb, 443 pp, € 15.00, 9781850759010
Court, J. M.
Reading the new testament
New testament readings, Routledge, 1997, pap, 170 pp, € 7.00, 0415103681
Doornbos, H.
Achter een joodse man aan
Ten Have, 2003, pap, 175 pp, € 5.50, 9789025953522
Driessen, I. & A.-M. de Wilde
Liefdeslied voor altijd
Carmelitana, 2003, pap, 146pp, € 6.50, 9789076671437
Exum, J.C. & H.G.M. Williamson (eds)
Reading from Right to Left. Essays on the Hebrew Bible in Honour of David J.A. Clines
Journal for the Study of the Old Testament Supplement Series 373, Sheffield Academic Press, 2003, geb, 499pp, € 60.00, 0826466869
Grabbe, L.L.
Wisdom of Solomon
T&T Clark Study Guides, T&T Clark, 2003, pap, 105 pp, € 4.50, 9780567084446
Harrisville, R.A. & Sundberg, W.
The Bible in Modern Culture. Baruch Spinoza to Brevard Childs. Second Ed.
Eerdmans, 2002, pap, 349 pp, € 15.00, 9780802839923
Jouon, P.P.
Grammaire de l'Hebreu Biblique (Reimpression photomechanique 1987)
van 37.50 voor 22.50
Institut Biblique Pontifical, 1923/ 1987, pap, 542 + 150 pp, € 22.50
Kilian, R..
Studien zu alt-testamentlichen Texten und Situationen
Stuttgarter Biblische Aufsatzbande, Katholisches Bibelwerk, 1999, pap, 300 pp, € 19.00, 3460062819
Linde, H. van der
Het Koninkrijk van God is de stad op de berg. Wat heeft Jezus zelf gewild?
Meinema, 2000, pap, 158 pp, € 3.00, 9021137887
Maeijer, F.
Het achterste van Mozes Tong: een commentaar op de tien geboden
van eur 12,50 voor eur 4,-
Gooi & Sticht, 2000, pap, 93 pp, € 4.00, 9030409991
Meynet, Roland
A New Introduction to the Synoptic Gospels
Van 45.95 voor 17.50.

In this book Meynet offers an entirely new perspective on the study of the Synoptic Gospels, adding further insights within the growing body of modern research into the meanings of the Gospels of Matthew, Mark and Luke. Utilizing the rhetorical method of analysis, of which he is a leading proponent, Meynet studies the composition of the Gospels as they were written and makes it possible to understand them in systematic and until now unexpected ways. The author does not approach these Gospels on the basis of introductory questions, but instead combines critical analysis with the evangelists' own persuasive intentions.

Convivium Press, 2010, pap, 435 pp, € 17.50, 9781934996119
Meynet, Roland
Called to Freedom
Van 33.50 voor 17.50

Meynet makes available in both English and Spanish his series on Biblical Rhetoric, a unique method of textual interpretation applied to important themes in the biblical and Semitic world. He posits that the concept of freedom in the "Hebrew Bible" is the guiding core of all the socio-political distinctions within Israel's religious experience and history. This original study leads us through the experience of the people of Israel in the Exodus. It guides us into a new reading of the law in the two narrative sections of the Decalogue, seeing it as an expression of the search for the authentic meaning of human freedom. He also introduces Israel's "Psalms" as hymns of freedom. This work makes an important contribution to the field of Biblical studies and is a topic that is especially relevant for modern society.

Convivium Press, 2009, pap, 294 pp, € 17.50, 9781934996089
Miscall, P.D.
Isaiah 34-35. A Nightmare / a Dream
K 21
JSOTS 281, Sheffield Academic Press, 1999, geb, 148 pp, € 9.50, 1850759871
Mulder, H.
Lucas II
Kok, 1988, pap, 171pp, € 4.50
Olyan, S. M.
Rites and Rank: Hierarchy in Biblical Representations of Cult
Princeton UP, 2000, geb, 190 pp, € 15.00, 0691029482
Pagola, Jose A.
Jesus. An Historical Approximation
van 42.50 voor 17,50

In this Spanish bestseller, now available in English for the first time, the Biblical scholar Jose Antonio Pagola reconstructs the historical Jesus with a scholarly exegetical and theological approach. He addresses basic questions about who Jesus was; how he understood his life; what was the originality of his message; how the vision of the Kingdom of God centered his life; and why he was executed and who intervened in the process. The author presents a lively and passionate narrative of Jesus of Nazareth within the milieu of the first century, locating him in his social, economical, political and religious contexts based on current and accepted research. He also analyzes the perspectives and conclusions of the most important scholars in this research and presents a profound and extensive scholarly theological reflection about Jesus.

Convivium Press, 2012, pap, 560 pp, € 17.50, 9781934996096
Riches, J.K.
Conflicting Mythologies. Identity Formation in the Gospels of Mark and Matthew
Studies of the New Testament and its World Series, T&T Clark, 2000, geb, 363 pp, € 20.00, 0567087441
Schenker, A.
Studien zu Propheten und Religionsgeschichte
van 44.90 voor 14,-
Stuttgarter Biblische Aufsatzbände Altes Testament no 36, Verlag Katholisches Bibelwerk, 2003, pap, 222pp, € 14.00, 346006310
Schmidt, U.
Zentrale Randfiguren. Strukturen der Darstellung von Frauen in der Erzahlungen der Konigebucher
‘Feministische Exegese mit narratologischem Ansatz’, van eur 38.50 voor eur 12,-
Guterloher, 2003, pap, 268 pp, € 12.00, 357054090
Schmitz, B.
Gedeutete Geschichte, Die Funktion der Reden und Gebete im Buch Judit
van 67.50 voor 22.50
Herders Biblische Studien, Herder, 2004, geb, 543pp, € 22.50, 3451283042
Schniedewind, W.M.
Society and the Promise to David. The Reception History of 2 Samuel 7:1-17
van eur 57,- voor eur 17,50
Oxford UP, 1999, geb, 229 pp, € 17.50, 0195126807
Schonfield, H.
The Original New Testament
van 27,- voor 12,-
Element, 1998, € 12.00, 1862042527 / 9781862042520
Seethaler, A.
O 4
Stuttgarter Kleiner Kommentar. Neues Testament 19, Verlag Katholisches Bibelwerk, 1995, pap, 192 pp, € 3.00, 3460154918
Sesboue, Bernard
Gospel & Tradition
Van 25.95 voor 16.50

In this book Sesboue addresses the issue of Church Tradition and its meaning and significance for contemporary Christian life. One cannot rediscover the Gospels in their pure state by ignoring subsequent history, because that history has been tested by time and by people within the community of faith. The Church is the bearer of this witness throughout the ages and is subject to the judgement of this witness. This is what is referred to as Tradition. The understanding of what we do with this Tradition and the dogmas of the Church 'Which can easily be placed in opposition to the Gospel' is at the top of the contemporary agenda in the dialogue between Catholics and Protestants regarding the manner in which tradition is used in relationship with Scripture; and with some among the Orthodox, who tend to magnify its role. This issue is also becoming a matter of serious dissent among Catholics, raising the question of the Mass according to the Roman Rite of Pius V. The author offers this book in good faith as a resource that may assist in promoting authentic reconciliation as the result of these necessary debates. Sesboue holds that true Tradition, which is the transmission of the Gospel from the Apostles to us, has always linked the new with the old. It has nothing to do with a recurrent, fixed understanding of the Church; such a view would be historically inaccurate and incompatible with a correct understanding of dogma. The author illustrates this thesis on the basis of historical evidence and theological argumentations. He concludes with a reflection on the new roles to which the Gospel leads us today.

Convivium Press, 2012, pap, 197 pp, € 16.50, 9781934996171
Slater, T.B.
Christ and Community. A Socio-Historical Study of the Christology of Revelation
K 65
Journal for the Study of the New Testament Supplement Series 178, Sheffield Academic Press, 1999, geb, 281 pp, € 20.00, 1850759391
Smith, S.H.
A Lion with Wings. A Narrative-Critical Approach to Mark s Gospel
K 30
The Biblical Seminar 38, Sheffield Academic Press, 1996, pap, 258 pp, € 9.00, 1850757844
Sternberg, M.
Hebrews Between Cultures: Group Portraits
van eur 79,50 voor eur 35,-
Indiana Studies in Biblical Literature, Indiana UP, 1998, geb, 730 pp, € 35.00, 9780253334596
Stibbe, M.W.G.
Johns Gospel
New Testament Readings Series, Routledge, 1994, pap, 153 pp, € 8.00, 0415095778
Thielman, F.
The Law and the New Testament. The Question of Continuity
K 20
Companions to the New Testament Series, Crossroad, 1999, pap, 192 pp, € 7.00, 0824518292
Thomas, C. M.
The Acts of Peter, Gospel Literature, and the Ancient Novel. Rewriting the Past.
van 45,- voor 17,-
Oxford UP, 2003, geb, 186 pp, € 17.00, 019512507x
Uro, R.
Thomas at the crossroads. Essays on th Gospel of Thomas
K 6
Studies of the New Testament and its World, T & T Clark, 1998, geb, 222 pp, € 9.50, 0567086070
Vaage, L.E. & V.L.Wimbusch(eds)
Asceticism and the New Testament
Routledge, 1999, pap, 444 pp, € 120.50, 0415921961
Vanhoye, Albert
A Different Priest. The Epistle to the Hebrews
Van 28.95 voor 17.50

The first part, which only examines one theme, 'the Name of Christ' offers a general and contemporary Christology. The next two parts offer a priestly Christology, firstly more general and then more specific. Finally, the last two parts show the result of this for the Christian life, lived out in faith, hope and charity. The author of this work has worked for many years on the Epistle to the Hebrews, and, notably, has taught it at the Biblical Institute and published a great number of specialist articles and books on it, and now brings one of the most contemporary authoritative commentaries to a wider audience, contributing with the understanding of the unique Priesthood of Jesus Christ for the first Christian communities. In this work, a detailed analysis of the text known as the Epistle to the Hebrews enables us to conclude without a shadow of a doubt that this is the full text of a splendid Christian preaching, which constantly conforms to the rules of Semitic rhetoric, including various genres of parallelism, synonymis, antithesis and complementarity, and obeying a concentrically symmetrical schema.

Convivium Press, 2011, pap, 454 pp, € 17.50, 9781934996201
Watson, A.
Jesus and the Jews
K 21
University of Georgia press, 1995, geb, 157, € 8.00, 0820031739
Welhausen, J.
Israelitische und judische Geschichte.
Walter de Gruyter, 2004, pap, 401 pp, € 10.00, 9783110174632
Sprache als Schlussel. Gesammelte Aufsätze zum Alten Testament.
van 28.90 voor 12.50
Neukirchner, 2002, pap, 242 pp, € 12.50
Zwaard. K. van der
Consorte. Een experiment in een act
Narratio, 1998, pap, 40 pp, € 2.00, 9052639809