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Cousar, C. B.
Philippians and Philemon. A Commentary
New Testament Library, Westminster John Knox Books, 2009, geb, 112 pp, € 37.50, 9780664221225
Fee, G.D.
Paul's Letter to the Phillipians

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New International Commentary on the New Testament (NICNT), Eerdmans, 1995, geb, 543 pp, € 41.50, 9780802825117
Floor, L.
Filippenzen: een gevangene over het navolgen van Christus
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Commentaar op het Nieuwe Testament, CNT derde serie, Kok, 2005, 2e druk, geb, 214 pp, € 29.90, 9789024262182
Fowl, St. E.
A Two Horizons Commentary, Eerdmans, 2005, pap, 296 pp, € 22.00, 0802825516
Johnson, M., J.A. Noel & D.K. Williams (eds)
Onesimus Our Brother. Reading Religion, Race and Culture in Philemon
Philemon is the shortest letter in the Pauline collection, yet - because it has to do with a slave separated from his master - it has played an inordinate role in the toxic brew of slavery and racism in the United States. In Onesimus Our Brother, leading African American biblical scholars tease out the often unconscious assumptions about religion, race, and culture that permeate contemporary interpretation of the New Testament and of Paul in particular. The editors argue that Philemon is as important a letter from an African American perspective as Romans or Galatians have proven to be in Eurocentric interpretation. The essays gathered here continue to trouble scholarly waters, interacting with the legacies of Hegel, Freud, Habermas, Ricoeur, and James C. Scott, as well as the historical experience of African American communities.
Fortress, 2012, geb, 175 pp, € 37.75, 9780800663414
Osiek, C.
Philippians Philemon
Abingdon New Testament Commentaries, Abingdon Press, 2000, pap, 154 pp, € 31.00, 0687058228
Reumann, J.
by order
The Anchor Yale Bible vol 33B, Yale UP, 2008, geb, 805 pp, € 39.00, 9780300140453
Russcher, H.
Filippenzen. Brief aan hemelburgers
Luisteroefeningen, Boekencentrum, 2010, pap, 88pp, € 8.90, 9789023924524
Sumney, J.L.
Philippians: A Greek Student`s Intermediate Reader
Hendrickson, 2007, pap, 161 pp, € 16.00, 9781565639911
Thurston, B.B. & J.M. Ryan
Philippians and Philemon
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Sacra Pagina Series, Liturgical Press, 2005, geb, 290 pp, € 47.95, 9780814658208
Verhoef, Eduard
Philippi: How Christianity Began in Europe. The Epistle to the Philippians and the Excavations at Philippi
This book provides a introduction to Paul's Letter to the Philippians as well as to the history, development, and foundation of the Church in Philippi.

Verhoef expertly guides students through the key issues of interpretation surrounding Paul's writings to the Philippians, before covering the key events of the Church at Philippi with careful reference to the archaeologial remains present at Philippi today. What emerges is a careful guide to one of the most important canonical epistles, and one of the most important cities in early Christianity. Verhoef draws students' and scholars attention to key artefacts, illuminating aspects of the Early Church at Philippi and the work of Paul. This volume will be indispensable for those teaching and studying Paul's Letter to the Philippians and Early Christianity.

Bloomsbury - T&T Clark, 2013, pap, 114 pp, € 24.50, 9780567331045
Witherington, B.
Paul's Letter to the Philippians. A Socio-Rhetorical Commentary
Eerdmans, 2011, pap, 312 pp, € 36.00, 9780802801432