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Abasciano, B.J.
Paul`s Use of the Old Testament in Romans 9.1-9
Journal for the Study of the New Testament Supplement Series no 296, T & T Clark, 2005, geb, 265 pp, € 107.00, 0567030733
Achtemeier, P.J.
Interpretation. A Biblical Commentary for Teaching and Preaching, WJK Press, 2010, pap, 244p, € 23.95, 9780664234386
Barrett, C.K.
The Epistle to the Romans
Black s New Testament Commentaries, Continuum, 2004, geb, 278 pp, € 34.85, 0713633387
Belli, F.
Argumentation and Use of Scripture in Romans 9-11
Gregorian & Biblical Press, 2010, geb, 480 pp, € 35.00, 9788876531835
Bruggen, J. van
Romeinen. Christenen tussen stad en synagoge
Klik hier voor een overzicht van de complete serie.
Commentaar op het Nieuwe Testament, CNT derde serie, Kok, 2006, geb, 286 pp, € 29.95, 9789043511810
Byrne, B.
See the complete list (by author) by clicking on this link
Sacra Pagina, Michael Glazier, 2007, pap, 506 pp, € 31.00, 9780814659694
Cranfield, C.E.B
Romans. A Shorter Commentary
International Critical Commentary Series, T & T Clark, 2007, pap, 388 pp, € 26.50, 9780567291189
Das, A.A.
Solving the Romans Debate
Fortress Press, 2007, pap, 324 pp, € 24.50, 9780800638603
Ehrensperger, K., R. Ward Holder (eds)
Reformation Readings of Romans
Romans through History and Culture Series, Continuum, 2008, pap, 222 pp, € 36.95, 9780567027146
Elliott, N.
The Arrogance of Nations: Reading Romans in the Shadow of Empire
Paul in Critical Contexts, Fortress Press, 2008, geb, 221 pp, € 26.00, 9780800638443
Epp, E.J.
Junia. The First Woman Apostle (Romans 16:7)
Fortress Press, 2005, pap, 138 pp, € 18.00, 0800637712 / 97890800637712
Esler, P.F.
Conflict and Identity in Romans. The social setting
by order
Fortress Press, 2003, pap, 458 pp, € 34.50, 0800634357
Forman, M.
The Politics of Inheritance in Romans
by order
Society for New Testament Studies Monograph Series, Cambridge UP, 2011, geb, 288 pp, € 73.50, 9780521769099
Gaca, K.L.
Early Patristic Readings of Romans
T&T Clark, 2006, pap, 256 pp, € 34.00, 9780567029317
Grensholm, C.
Gender, Tradition, and Romans. Shared ground, uncertain borders
T&T Clark, 2006, pap, 304 pp, € 34.00, 0567029115
Guerra, A. J.
Romans and the Apologetic Tradition: The Purpose, Genre and Audience of Paul’s Letter
Society for New Testament Studies, Mongraph Series, Cambridge UP, 2005 (1995), pap, 200 pp, € 33.00, 0521619831
Haacker, K.
The Theology of Paul`s Letter to the Romans
New Testament Theology Series, Cambridge UP, 2003, pap, 183pp, € 24.50, 0521435358
Hultgren, A. J.
Paul`s Letter to the Romans. A Commentary
On the heels of Arland Hultgren's successful commentary comes a new volume exploring one of the most significant theological documents ever written. In this commentary Arland Hultgren engages the text of Paul?'s Letter to the Romans using careful theological exegesis in conversation with scores of contemporary biblical scholars.Hultgren walks readers through the letter verse-by-verse, illuminating the text with helpful comments, probing into major puzzles, and highlighting the epistle?'s most inspiring features. He also demonstrates the essentially forward-looking, missional character of Paul?'s letter written, as Hultgren suggests, to introduce Paul-the-theologian to Roman believers and inspire their support for his planned missionary efforts in the Western Mediterranean.This thoughtful commentary, ideal for pastors and serious students of the Bible, includes seven appendices that discuss in detail such hot button issues as Romans 1:26-27 and Homosexuality and Pistis Christou: Faith in or of Christ
Eerdmans, 2011, pap, 804 pp, € 44.75, 9780802826091
Jewett, Robert
Deeply conversant in the full range of questions and interpretations of the letter, Jewett's commentary explores the crucial and controverted passages that have always animated studies of Romans. Jewett also incorporates the exciting new insights from archaeology of the city of Rome, social history of early Christianity, social-scientific work on early Christianity, and the interpretation and reception of Paul's letter through the ages.

Breaking free from abstract approaches that defend traditional theologies, Jewett shows that the entire letter aims to elicit support for Paul's forthcoming mission to the "barbarians" in Spain. His work specifically focuses on Paul's missionary plans and how they figure in the letter, on Paul's critical and constructive tack with the Roman community, and finally and especially on how Paul's letter reframes the entire system of honor and shame as it informed life in the Roman Empire at the time. The latter remains a pertinent message today. The first commentary to interpret Romans within the imperial context as well as in the light of the situation in Spain, this landmark commentary, twenty-five years in the making, will set the standard for interpretation of Romans for the next generation.

For the complete Hermeneia series see this link

Hermeneia: A Critical and Historical Commentary on the Bible, Fortress Press, 2006, geb, 1000 pp, € 76.00, 9780800660840
Jewett, Robert
Romans: A Short Commentary
Robert Jewett's 1000-page commentary on Romans in the Hermeneia series (2008) was a landmark in the interpretation of Paul's most complex - and some would say, most important - letter: "a new benchmark for the genre" (David deSilva); "readable and profound" (Luise Schottroff); "the new authoritative reference work for scholars" (Daniel Patte). It has also been the focus of international conferences and conversations ever since its publication.

Taking account of those far-reaching conversations, Jewett now brings the best insights of the larger commentary into a more compact and accessible form, ideal for use in college and graduate courses.

Fortress Press, 2013, pap, 266 pp, € 36.00, 9780800699383
Keck, L.E.
Abingdon New Testament Commentaries Series, Abingdon Press, 2005, pap, 400 pp, € 22.90, 0687057051
Kirk, J.R.D.
Unlocking Romans. Resurrection and the Justification of God
Eerdmans Publishing, 2008, pap, 245 pp, € 26.00, 9780802862907
Kruijf, Th. de
Voor velen is de brief van Paulus aan de Romeinen een literair meesterwerk van het christendom: het heeft een grote invloed binnen de uiteenlopende kerken en christelijke stromingen. In deze bundel probeert Theo de Kruijf door middel van een eigen vertaling duidelijk te maken waar het Paulus zelf om ging. Alle kerkelijke en theologische vaktermen zijn daarbij zoveel mogelijk omgezet in hedendaagse taal. Het maakt onder andere duidelijk hoezeer deze brief een getuigenis is uit de begintijd van het christendom. En nog steeds actueel is: problemen die ook ons bekend zijn passeren de revue. Hoe kan men overtuigd blijven geloven binnen een eeuwenoude traditie en tegelijk openstaan voor een totaal nieuwe openbaring? Hoe moeten mensen zich tot God verhouden in een samenleving die van God vervreemd lijkt te zijn? Paulus is een voorbeeld van wat vele christenen beweegt.

Via deze link vindt u alle delen in deze reeks.

Belichting van het Bijbelboek, KBS, 1990, pap, 128pp, € 20.00, 9789061734710
Longenecker, R.N.
Introducing Romans. Critical Issues in Paul`s Most Famous Letter
Pauls Letter to the Romans has proven to be a particular challenge for commentators, with its many highly significant interpretive issues often leading to tortuous convolutions and even dead ends in their understanding of the letter.
Here, Richard N. Longenecker takes a comprehensive look at the complex backdrop of Pauls letter and carefully unpacks a number of critical issues, including:
* Authorship, integrity, occasion, date, addressees, and purpose
* Important recent interpretive approaches
* Greco-Roman oral, rhetorical, and epistolary conventions
* Jewish and Jewish Christian thematic and rhetorical features
* The establishing of the letters Greek text
* The letters main focus, structure, and argument
Eerdmans, 2011, pap, 490 pp, € 35.90, 9780802866196
McGinn, S.E. (ed.)
Celebrating Romans: Template for Pauline Theology
Eerdmans, 2004, geb, 276 pp, € 38.25, 0802828396
Moo, D.
The Epistle to the Romans
Paul's letter to the Romans has been called "the quintessence and perfection of saving doctrine." Perhaps the most challenging and thoroughly doctrinal book of the entire New Testament, Romans deals with many issues that are basic to Christian theology and practice. In this volume respected New Testament scholar Douglas J. Moo provides a superb study of Paul's letter to the Roman Christians and restates the enduring message of Romans for Christians today.

Based on the English text but bringing into the discussion the underlying Greek at every point, this commentary focuses both on theological meaning and on contemporary significance. Moo contributes to the continuing debate regarding Paul's teaching on such issues as Jewish law and the relationship between Jews and Gentiles in the people of God. He also critically interacts with "the new perspective on Paul," highlights Romans's emphasis on "practical divinity," and traces the theme of gospel throughout the epistle.

For the complete list, by author, see this link.

New International Commentary on the New Testament (NICNT), Eerdmans, 1996, geb, 1037pp, € 56.50, 9780802823175
Mulder, dr. M.C.
Israel in Romeinen 10, Intertextuele en theologische analyse van de oudtestamentische citaten in Romeinen 9:30 - 10:21
Boekencentrum Academic, 2011, pap, 368 pp, € 29.90, 9789023926146
Odell-Scott, D. (ed.)
Reading Romans With Contemporary Philosophers and Theologians
Romans Through History and Culture, Continuum, 2007, pap, 282 pp, € 36.50, 9780567027054
Patout Burns Jr., J.
Romans. Interpreted by Early Christian Commentators
The Church's Bible series serves to bring the rich classical tradition of biblical interpretation to life. Compiled, translated, and edited by leading scholars, these volumes draw extensively from early and medieval commentators, illuminating Holy Scripture as it was understood during the first millennium of Christian history. Designed for clergy, Bible teachers, men and women in religious communities, and all serious students of Scripture, The Church's Bible will lead contemporary readers into the inexhaustible spiritual and theological world of the early church and hence of the Bible itself.

This Church's Bible volume brings together select lengthy excerpts from early Christian writings on Romans, Paul's most comprehensive statement of Christian teaching. J. Patout Burns Jr. has judiciously chosen extended passages from such church fathers as Origen, Rufinus, Pelagius, Chrysostom, Ambrosiaster, Augustine, and Theodoret, enabling readers today to benefit from the church's rich treasure trove of commentary on Paul's Letter to the Romans. Covering the first five hundred years of Christian history, this volume incorporates new translations made from the best texts currently available.

Both Burns's pastoral sensitivity and his extensive study of patristics shine through his selection of ancient passages, which run the full gamut of perspectives on Romans. Each passage is relevant and applicable to our current understanding and living of the Christian life, not just historically valuable. This volume -- and the entire Church's Bible series -- will be welcomed by preachers, teachers, students, and general readers alike.

Eerdmans, 2012, geb, 428 pp, € 44.50, 9780802825759
Patte, D., C. Greenholm (eds)
Modern Interpretations of Romans. Tracking Their Hermeneutical/Theological Trajectory
This volume complements, but does not duplicate, the history of the exegeses of Romans since the 19th century which have been repeatedly presented in the introductions of various commentaries on Romans.
This collection of essays explores major interpretations of Romans by the following major figures:
  • the philosopher, Immanuel Kant
  • the theologian Friedrich Schleiermacher
  • the biblical scholar Albert Schweitzer
  • the theologian Karl Barth
  • the political theologian Erik Peterson
  • and the biblical scholar Ernst Kasemann
and how they are related to the "new perspective" on Paul, introduced by Krister Stendahl. Rather than tracking changes in exegetical approaches and conclusions (with special attention to analytical choices) among the modern interpretations of Romans, this volume deliberately follows changes in hermeneutical/theological choices. Focusing exclusively in modern exegetical studies of Romans, the distinguished contributors consider interpretations of Romans by philosophers, by theologians, and by biblical scholars.
Romans Through History & Culture Series, V.10, Bloomsbury, 2012, pap, 231 pp, € 32.00, 9780567215031
Patte, D., V. Mihoc (eds)
Greek Patristic and Eastern Orthodox Interpretations of Romans
This collection of essays integrates scholarly and scriptural interpretations, Eastern Orthodox biblical scholarship, together with biblical interpretations throughout church history. Unlike the Western interpretations that read Romans in terms of theological anthropology, the Greek Fathers do not presuppose such a concept and therefore each of the articles in this volume invites Western scholars and students to re-read Paul's letter with new eyes: with a greater sensitivity to the nuances of the Greek text; with an openness to envision what Paul is saying from very different theological and hermeneutical perspectives; and with the awareness that the Greek Fathers addressed particular contextual issues of their time.
Romans Through History & Culture, V. 9, T&T Clark International, 2012, pap, 228 pp, € 32.00, 9780567480927
Aan de Romeinen
Vertaling G. Koolschijn
Athenaeum - Polak & Van Gennep, 2010, geb, 58 pp, € 13.95, 9789025367619
Peng, K.-W.
Hate and Evil, Hold Fast to the Good. Structuring Romans 12.1-15.1
Library of New Testament Studies 300, T & T Clark, 2006, geb, 233 pp, € 106.00, 0567030458
Reitsma, B.
Romeinen. De kracht van Gods genade
Boekencentrum, 2001, pap, 142 pp, € 11.50, 9023908597 / 9789023908593
Schaeffer, F.A.
Het voleindigde werk van Christus. De waarheid van Romeinen 1-8
Kok, 2002, pap, 262 pp, € 15.40, 9789043504737
Stott, J.
De boodschap van Romeinen
Bijbel Spreekt Vandaag Serie, Novapress, 2009, pap, 525 pp, € 23.90, 9789063183103
Tobin, T.H. sj
Paul`s Rhetoric in its Contexts. The Argument of Romans
Hendrickson, 2004, pap, 469 pp, € 23.50, 1565639464 / 97815656394641
Troost, A.F.
Ik, Tertius. Brieven uit Rome
Boekencentrum, 2003, geb, 190pp, € 19.50, 9789023913795
Wilckens, U.
Der Brief an die Romer EKK 6/1 Rom 1-5
UITVERKOCHT, herdruk onbekend, vervangen door de Studienausgabe

Voor de complete EKK lijst ( 33 dln, alfabetisch gerangschikt op auteur) klik hier

Evangelisch-Katholischer Kommentar zum Neuen Testament EKK 6/1, Neukirchener, 1997, X,337 pp., pap, € 55.00, 9783788705145
Wilckens, U.
Der Brief an die Romer EKK 6/2 Rom 6-11
UITVERKOCHT, herdruk onbekend, vervangen door de Studienausgabe

Voor de complete EKK lijst ( 33 dln, alfabetisch gerangschikt op auteur) klik hier

Evangelisch-Katholischer Kommentar zum Neuen Testament EKK 6/2, Neukirchener, 1993, VIII,280 pp, pap, € 45.00, 9783788706159
Wilckens, U.
Der Brief an die Romer EKK 6/3 Rom 12-16
UITVERKOCHT, herdruk onbekend, vervangen door de Studienausgabe

Voor de complete EKK lijst ( 33 dln, alfabetisch gerangschikt op auteur) klik hier

Evangelisch-Katholischer Kommentar zum Neuen Testament EKK 6/3, Neukirchener, 1989, VIII,160 pp, pap, € 28.00, 9783788706500
Wilckens, U.
Der Brief an die Romer, EKK 6, Studienausgabe
Der renommierte Neutestamentler Ulrich Wilckens setzt sich ausfuhrlich mit den wirkungsgeschichtlichen Aspekten des Romerbriefs auseinander sowie mit der Stellung der paulinischen Rechtfertigungslehre im Zusammenhang alttestamentlichjudischer Glaubensuberlieferung. Dem Romerbrief und dessen Auslegung kommt eine besondere Bedeutung im Blick auf das okumenischen Gesprach zwischen der evangelischen und katholischen Theologie zu.

Voor de complete EKK lijst ( 33 dln, alfabetisch gerangschikt op auteur) klik hier

Evangelisch-Katholischer Kommentar zum Neuen Testament EKK 6, Patmos, 2008, pap, 960 pp, € 44.90, 9783491520097
Witherington III, B.
Paul`s Letter to the Romans
By Order
A Socio-Rhetorical Commentary, Eerdmans, 2004, pap, 422 pp, € 43.00, 0802845045 / 9780802845047
Witteveen, R.M.
God voor iedereen. Paulus aan de geliefden in Rome
Toer, Boekencentrum, 2005, pap, 60 pp, € 5.50, 9789023996231