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Barbour, J.
The Story of Israel in the Book of Qohelet. Ecclesiastes as Cultural Memory
This book is a study of the making of collective memory within early Judaism in a seminal text of the Western canon. The book of Ecclesiastes and its speaker Qohelet are famous for saying that there is 'nothing new under the sun'. In the literary tradition of the modern West this has been taken as the motto of a book that is universal in scope, Greek in its patterns of thought, and floating free from the particularism and historical concerns of the rest of the Bible. Jennie Barbour argues that reading the book as a general compendium in this way causes the reader to miss a strong undercurrent in the text.

'Nothing new under the sun' is, in fact, a historical deduction made by Qohelet on the basis of long-range observation, conducted through his study of his nation's traditions: the first sage to turn from the window to the Book is not Ben Sira, but Qohelet himself. While Ecclesiastes says nothing about the great founding events of Israel's story, it is haunted by the decline and fall of the nation and the Babylonian exile, as the trauma of the loss of the kingdom of Solomon persists through a spectrum of intertextual relationships. The view of Qohelet from the throne in Jerusalem takes in the whole sweep of Israel's remembered historical experiences; Ecclesiastes is revealed as not simply as a piece of marketplace philosophy, but as a learned essay in processing a community's memory, with strong ties to the rest of Jewish and Christian scripture.

Oxford Theological Monographs, Oxford UP, 2012, geb, 272 pp, € 94.50, 9780199657827
Butter, ds. P. den
Vrees God. Boven de paradoxen van Prediker uit
Studium Generale, Groen, 2008, pap, 71 pp, € 9.95, 9789058297747
Christianson, E.S.
Ecclesiastes Through the Centuries
Over the centuries, Ecclesiastes has influenced a number of diverse areas of life and thought. Ecclesiastes Through the Centuries assesses the fascinating effects of the book on the culture of the various times in religion, art, and social thought. Christianson explores a fascinating range of Jewish and Christian readings. This title features engaging and unusual examples from art, music, literature and history: from Thackeray and Orwell, to Salvador Dali's Illustrated Bible, to the inflammatory exposition of Ecclesiastes at the funeral of Queen Mary.
Blackwell Bible Commentaries, Wiley-Blackwell, 2007/2012, pap, 314 pp, € 35.90, 9780470674918
Christianson, E.S.
Ecclesiastes Throught the Centuries
Blackwell Bible Commentaries, Blackwell, 2006, geb, 256 pp, € 83.50, 9780631225294
Enns, P.
Ecclesiastes is an Old Testament book with a long history of diverse and contradictory interpretations. Even basic questions: who wrote the book, when, and for what purpose? perennially plague scholars. The book's theological message is likewise elusive, hidden in riddles and convoluted trains of thought that twist and turn back upon themselves.

In this expert commentary on Ecclesiastes, Peter Enns neither disregards nor attempts to resolve the book's many theological tensions and ambiguities. Rather, he shows how these form the backdrop against which the author struggles to show readers the proper path forward in their journeys of faith -- remaining true to the tradition to fear God and keep the commands despite the apparent futility of human existence.

Two Horizons Old Testament, Eerdmans, 2012, pap, 238 pp, € 24.50, 9780802866493
Fox, M.V.
Ecclesiastes - The JPS Bible Commentary
JPS translation, Hebrew-English, with commentary

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The JPS Bible Commentary, The Jewish Publication Society, 2004, geb, 87 pp, € 38.95, 9780827607422
Japhet, S. & R.B. Salters (eds)
The Commentary of R. Samuel Ben Meir Rashbam on Qoheleth
by order
Magnes Press / Brill, 1985, geb, 256 pp, € 28.50, 9789652235176
The Book of Eccclesiastes
Ecclesiastes is one of the most fascinating -- and hauntingly familiar -- books of the Old Testament. The sentiments of the main speaker of the book, a person given the name Qohelet, sound incredibly modern. Expressing the uncertainty and anxieties of our own age, he is driven by the question, "Where can we find meaning in the world?" But while Qohelet's question resonates with readers today, his answer is shocking. "Meaningless," says Qohelet, "everything is meaningless." How does this pessimistic perspective fit into the rest of biblical revelation? In this commentary Tremper Longman III addresses this question by taking a canonical-Christocentric approach to the meaning of Ecclesiastes. Longman first provides an extensive introduction to Ecclesiastes, exploring such background matters as authorship, language, genre, structure, literary style, and the book's theological message. He argues that the author of Ecclesiastes is not Solomon, as has been traditionally thought, but a writer who adopts a Solomonic persona. In the verse-by-verse commentary that follows, Longman helps clarify the confusing, sometimes contradictory message of Ecclesiastes by showing that the book should be divided into three sections -- a prologue (1:1-11), Qohelet's autobiographical speech (1:12-12:7), and an epilogue (12:8-14) -- and that the frame narrative provided by prologue and epilogue is the key to understanding the message of the book as a whole.

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New International Commentary on the Old Testament (NICOT), Eerdmans, 1998, geb, 306 pp, € 37.95, 9780802823663
Negenman, J.
Het werk van Prediker is een soort nabeschouwing van een wijze die het leven en de wereld grondig heeft onderzocht en daarbij tot de teleurstellende conclusie is gekomen: alles is ijdel, dat wil zeggen, zin- en waardeloos. Een van de thema's waarmee de Prediker zich bezighoudt is, evenals Job, de vergelding van goed en kwaad.

De tekst moet gelezen worden tegen de achtergrond van de wereld waartoe de auteur behoort: daarom wordt in deze uitgave eerst de wereld beschreven waarin het boek verscheen. Vervolgens is de vertaling van de tekst aan de beurt.Vanuit een uitvoerige beschrijving van kleine vers-eenheden komt de ontdekking naar boven van de centrale gedachten en ideeen van de auteur. Verder wordt duidelijk hoe Prediker in gesprek is met zijn tijd en hoe de tekst van dit boek als deel van de Bijbel gesproken heeft in de joodse en christelijke gemeenschap.

Via deze link vindt u alle delen in deze reeks.

Belichting van het Bijbelboek, KBS, 1988, pap, 110 pp, € 15.00, 9789061734369
Paas, Stefan, Siebrand Wierda
Zinvol leven. Prediker
Zinvol leven is ontstaan in de jonge christelijke gemeenschap Via Nova in Amsterdam, waar vooral jonge mensen komen die midden in het leven staan. Dit stempelt de inhoud van deze bijeenkomsten en daarmee de inhoud van dit boek. De auteurs bespreken met hun jonge publiek de verrassende maar soms moeilijk te vatten inhoud van het bijbelboek Prediker. Daarbij komen alle levensterreinen aan de orde: werk, geld, plezier, relaties en geloven. De auteurs prikkelen de lezers, maar wijzen ze ook een weg die begaanbaar is. Door toevoeging van gespreksvragen is Zinvol leven ook een inspirerend boek voor kringen.
Boekencentrum, 2009, pap, 88 pp, € 10.25, 9789023923794
Venema, G.J. (red.)
Amsterdamse Cahiers voor Exegese van de Bijbel en haar Tradities / ACEBT 21, Shaker Publishing, 2004, pap, 145 pp, € 17.50, 9789042302419
Walton, T.
Experimenting with Qohelet. A Text-linguistic Approach to Reading Qohelet as Discourse
prijs onder voorbehoud van beschikbaarheid
Amsterdamse Cahiers voor Exegese van de Bijbel en zijn Tradities Supplement Series / ACEBTSS 5, Shaker, 2005, pap, 217 pp, € 16.25, 9789042302761