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Bush, Frederic
Word Biblical Commentary: Ruth, Ester
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This landmark commentary by Dr. Frederick Bush fills a void in Old Testament studies. 6Ruth and Esther are among the most neglected books in the canon of Holy Scripture. None of the early church fathers wrote a commentary on Esther, and the list of serious contemporary analyses of both Ruth and Esther is woefully short. Drawing upon recent studies on the genre and discourse structure of biblical narrative, Bush shows how the loving loyalty of Ruth, the kindness and sagacity of both Boaz and Naomi, and God's gracious provision of fruitfulness for field and womb provide a son to reverse the death and emptiness that had afflicted Naomi. It was an outcome of utmost significance, for it preserved the family line that ultimately led to David.

In the course of his investigation, Bush deals at length with the difficult question of the role that the social customs of the levirate law and the redemption of the land play in this powerful story. Bush's careful linguistic study sheds new light on the difficult question of the date of the book.

From its earliest days, the book of Esther has posed huge problems for Bible students. What do you do with a book of the Bible that never overtly speaks of God? Does a book this secular really belong in our Bibles? Some of the ancient rabbis said no. Is it possible that a "proto" version of Esther was amended in the Masoretic Text to make a solid case for the popular feast of Purim? Bush's exhaustive analysis of the literary structure of the book of Esther provides numerous clues that this may be so. While offering numerous insights into the technicalities of language and textual transmission, Bush also uses his expertise in Near Eastern studies to stir our hearts with a fresh look at the courage of Queen Esther and her loyal kinsman Mordecai.

Word Biblical Commentary/ WBC, vol 9, Word Books, 1996, geb, xiv+ 514 pp, € 45.00, 9780849902086
Cohn-Eskenazi, T., T. Frymer-Kensky
Ruth - The JPS Bible Commentary
JPS translation, Hebrew-English, with commentary

The authors provide a critical, line-by-line commentary of the biblical text, presented in its original Hebrew, complete with vocalization and cantillation marks, as well as the 1985 JPS English translation. The extensive introduction places the book within its historical, literary, and critical context, discusses contemporary interpretations of the story of Ruth, and examines its major motifs and themes, among them: family, marriage and levirate marriage in biblical and ancient Israel, redemption and inheritance, hesed, and the book's connection with the Jewish holiday of Shavuot.

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The JPS Bible Commentary, The Five Megillot and Jona, The Jewish Publication Society, 2011, geb, 103 pp, € 41.95, 9780827607446
Dagan, Ruth
Megillat Ruth. Vertaling illustraties en toelichting
Tijdens het wekenfeest, Sjawoe'ot, leest men in veel joodse gezinnen het bijbelboek Ruth - in het Hebreeuws Megillat Ruth.

Ruth Dagan heeft dit boek opnieuw vertaald en van illustraties voorzien, zich daarbij beroepend op eeuwenoude Talmudische interpretaties en commentaren. In de inleiding verteld Ruth Dagan over de invloed die de Megilla op haarzelf heeft uitgeoefend, eerst als kind en leerlinge in Jerusalem en later als moeder en kunstenares in Amstelveen.

Het ontroerende verhaal van de Moavitische Ruth, dat plaats vindt in de tijd van de Rechters, heeft namelijk na tweeduizendvijfhonderd jaar niets aan actualiteit ingeboet. Ook vandaag zijn er mensen die zich aan een nieuwe cultuur en religie willen of moeten aanpassen, hetgeen gepaard kan gaan met grote offers. Ook vandaag doen we er goed aan ons afvragen wat onze medemens voor ons kan doen. Ook vandaag hebben we de plicht onze kinderen respect en liefde bijtebrengen voor de mensen van een andere cultuur. In vier korte hoofdstukken opent de profeet Samuel, aan wien dit verhaal wordt toegeschreven, ons de ogen. In zestien illustraties beladen met oude symboliek heeft de kunstenares blijk van haar liefde voor dit tijdloze boek.

Amphora Books, 2011, pap, 63 pp, € 18.50, 9789064460623
Hubbard, R.L.
The Book of Ruth

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New International Commentary on the Old Testament (NICOT), Eerdmans Publishing, 1989, geb, 331 pp, € 36.00, 9780802825261
Korpel, Marjo
The Structure of the Book of Ruth.
The Book of Ruth reads like a novel. Scholars agree on the literary virtuosity of its author, but are deeply divided about the way she or he has structured the work. For the first time ever, The Structure of the Book of Ruth makes use of hitherto neglected evidence from ancient Hebrew, Greek, Syriac and Latin manuscripts in an attempt to create a more objective basis for discussions about the book's structure.
Pericope - Scripture as Written and Read in Antiquity, vol 2, Van Gorcum / Brill, 2001, geb, 288 pp, € 96.50, 9789023236573
LaCocque, A.
This volume provides a readable introduction to the narrative book of Ruth appropriate for the student, pastor, and scholar. LaCocque combines historical, literary, feminist, and liberationist approaches in an engaging synthesis. He argues that the book was written in the post-exilic period and that the author was a woman. Countering the fears and xenophobia of many in Jerusalem, the biblical author employed the notion of hesed (kindness, loyalty, steadfast love), which transcends any national boundaries.

LaCocque focuses on redemption and levirate marriage as the two legal issues that recur throughout the text of Ruth. Ruth comes from the despised people of Moab but becomes a model for Israel. Boaz, converted to the model of steadfast love, becomes both redeemer and levir for Ruth and thus fulfills the Torah. In the conclusion to his study, the author sketches some parallels with Jesus' hermeneutics of the Law as well as postmodern problems and solutions.

Continental Commentaries, Fortress Press, 2004, geb, 187 pp, € 28.50, 9780800695156
Scharbert, Josef, Georg Hentschel
Rut, 1 Samuel

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Die Neue Echter Bibel. Kommentar zum Alten Testament mit der Einheitsuebersetzung, Bd 33, Echter Verlag, 1994, pap, 160 pp, € 23.00, 9783429015978