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Braber, M.E.J. den
Built from Many Stones. An Analysis of N. Winther-Nielsen and A.G.Auld on Joshua with Focus on Joshua 5:1-6:26
ACEBT Supplement Series 8, 2VM Uitgeverij, 2010, pap, 279 pp, € 17.50, 9789490393021
Brenner, Athalya
Rahab the Whore (Joshua 2 and 6). Bible, Literary Criticism, Feminist Approaches and Political Relevance
Oratiereeks UvA, Vossiuspers AUP, 1998, pap, 18 pp, € 5.75, 9789056290689
Brenner, Athalya, Gale A. Yee (eds)
Joshua and Judges
Joshua and Judges focuses attention on themes and tensions at the beginning of Israels story in the Bible. How do these books represent conquest, war, trauma, violence against women and their marginalization? How does God appear to relate to these realities? And what do contemporary men and women do with biblical ambivalence?

Like other volumes in the Texts @ Contexts series, these essays de-center the often homogeneous first-world orientation of much biblical scholarship and open up new possibilities for discovery.

Texts@Contexts, Fortress Press, 2013, geb, 333 pp, € 43.50, 9780800699376
Douma, J.
Van Jozua tot Salomo
Op bestelling
Gaan in het spoor van het O.T., Kok, 2005, pap, 127 pp, € 11.60, 9043510998 / 9789043510998
Faley, R.J.
Joshua, Judges
The books of Joshua and Judges provide religious perspective on Israel`s successes and failures from the time that Joshua begins to lead the Israelites after Moses` death until the rise of the monarchy. The stories of these two books show the God of Srael still guiding the life of his people. During the span of the 150 years covered in Judges, considerable improtance is attached to the religious and political development of the tribal life of the Israelites. This is well before the time of national unity; in Judges, the people are bound togehter solely by their faith in YHWH. In this rich and insight-filled commentary, Roland Faley draws out the Deuteronomistic thesis in Joshua and Judges: a people of faith, even if they wander, cannot fail.
New Collegeville Bible Commentary, Liturgical Press, 2012, pap, 125 pp, € 8.75, 9780814628416
Haasnoot, J.
Over de grens. Bijbelstudies over Jozua
Jes!, 2012, pap, 87 pp, € 9.50, 9789023920366
McConville, J.G. & S.N. Williams (eds)
The Two Horizons Old Testament Commentary Series, Eerdmans, 2010, pap, 257p, € 18.90, 9780802827029
Meer, M.vd
Formation and Reformulation .The Redaction of the Book of Joshua in the Light of the Oldest Textual Witnesses
By order, 1 week. Is it possible to reconstruct the literary history of the book of Joshua in the light of the oldest manuscripts (Qumran, Old Greek Translations)
Vetus Testament Supplements, Brill, 2004, geb, 576 pp, € 190.00, 9789004131255
Midden, P. J. (red.)
van 23,50 voor 9,95

De wetenschappelijke stand van zaken rondom het bijbelboek Jozua, inclusief een actuele bibliografie. Opbouw, Griekse vertaling, geschiedenis van de tekst, theologie en enige kernhoofdstukken komen aan de orde.

Met bijdragen van Marieke den Braber, Karel Deurloo, Ed Noort, Cees den Hertog, Piet van Midden, Klaas Spronk, Klaas Touwen, Adri van der Wal en Willien van Wieringen.

Amsterdamse Cahiers voor Exegese van de Bijbel en zijn Tradities / ACEBT 24, Skandalon, 2009, pap, 203 pp, € 9.95, 9789076564722
Vogels, Walter
Belichting van het Bijbelboek, KBS/VBS, 2008, pap, 199 pp, € 20.00, 9789061730286
Woudstra, M.H.
The Book of Joshua
Woudstra's work on the Book of Joshua is a contribution to The New International Commentary on the Old Testament. Like its companion series on the New Testament, this commentary devotes considerable care to achieving a balance between technical information and homiletic-devotional interpretation.

For the complete list, by author, see this link.

New International Commentary on the Old Testament (NICOT), Eerdmans Publishing, 1994, geb, 410 pp, € 38.95, 9780802825254