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7.2 Soefisme

Abu al-Hasan al-Shustari
Songs of Love and Devotion
The Classics of Western Spirituality Series, Paulist Press, 2009, pap, 220 pp, € 28.50, 9780809145942
Abun-Nasr, J.M.
Muslim Communities of Grace: The Sufi Brotherhoods in Islamic Religious Life
Hurst, 2007, geb, 280pp, € 42.50, 9781850658559
ad-Din Attar, F.
Farid ad-Din Attars Memorial of Gods friends. Lives and sayings of Sufis
Translated and introduced by Losensky. Preface by Homerin.
The Classics of Western Spirituality, Paulist Press, 2009, pap, 434 pp, € 33.50, 9780809145737
Al-Qushayri’s Epistle on Sufism
The Great Books of Islamic Civilization Series, Garnet Publishing, 2007, geb, 460 pp, € 98.75, 9781859641859
Aminrazavi, M.
The Wine of Wisdom: A Life, Poetry and Philosophy of Omar Khayyam
Representative of the exotic and erotic east, prophet of hedonism, champion of free thinkers, Omar Khayyam and his Ruba'iyyat have been the stuff of legend for centuries. This important work marks the first attempt to look at Khayyam's impact on the worlds of science, philosophy and poetry. Uniting a personal journey with scholarly ambition, Aminrazavi's work debunks the myths surrounding the legend to uncover the real Khayyam. From his extraordinary life, through his inspirational poetry, to his neglected philosophical and scientific writings and his considerable influenceon leading Western literary figures, including Mark Twain and T. S. Eliot, this is a unique journey into the heard and mind of the author of the Ruba'iyyat.
Oneworld, 2005, geb, 396 pp, € 36.95, 9781851683550
Arberry, A.J.
Sufism. An Account of the Mystics of Islam
Dover Publications, 2002, pap, 141 pp, € 8.25, 0486419584 / 9780486419589
Azmayesh, S.M.
De parel van het Soefisme, over Jezus, Roemi en Hafez
Panta Rhei, 2009, pap, 172 pp, € 17.50, 9789088400384
Baha ullah (A. Eschraghi, red.)
Brief an den Sohn des Wolfes Lauh-i Ibn-i Dhib
Verlag der Weltreligionen, 2010, geb, 450 pp, € 42.50, 9783458700296
Baldick, Julian
Mystical Islam: An Introduction to Sufism
Sufism is Islam's principal mystical tradition. To its followers it provides the inner, esoteric or purely spiritual dimension of the faith. It is a centuries-old path to spirituality with devotees throughout the Islamic world, fundamentally influencing Muslim belief. To non-Muslim observers it remains exotic, mysterious and little-understood. "Mystical Islam" is an accessible introduction that encompasses the history of the Sufi spiritual tradition, ranging from the great Mughal and Safavid empires of India and Persia to the Whirling Dervishes of Ottoman Turkey. Julian Baldick reveals the continuing relevance of the Sufi spiritual experience and introduces some of the great figures of Sufism: al-Ghazali, Ibn Arabi, Hafiz of Shiraz and Rumi. It is the writings of such masters that reveal the inner beauty of Sufism, while offering followers the most profound insights in their quest for delivery from the narrow confines of the material world. At the same time, the author's reflections on recent Sufi scholarship, and his fresh perspectives on this tradition of belief and devotion, will prove essential for students and highly stimulating for general readers.
I.B.Tauris, 2012, pap, 218 pp, € 19.50, 9781780762319
Baldock, J.
The Essence of Sufism
by order
Arcturus, 2005, pap, 238 pp, € 13.50, 9780572030520
Bentounes, sjeik Khaled, B. en R. Solt
Sjeik Khaled Bentounes: Soefisme, hart van de islam
Gottmer, 2006, geb, 238 pp, € 17.50, 9069637405 / 9789069637402
Berg, G. van den
Soefisme. Een inleiding in de islamitische mystiek
verwacht dec 2012
Bulaaq, 2013, pap, 192 pp, € 19.50, 9789054601746
Berkey, Jonathan P.
Popular Preaching and Religious Authority in the Medieval Islamic Near East
van 37,50 voor 12,50

Islamic popular preachers and storytellers had enormous influence in defining common religious knowledge and faith in the medieval Near East. Jonathan Berkey's book illuminates the popular culture of religious storytelling. It draws on chronicles, biographical dictionaries, sermons, and tales - but especially on a number of medieval treatises critical of popular preachers, and also a vigorous defense of them which emerged in fourteenth-century Egyptian Sufi circles.

Popular preachers drew inspiration and legitimacy from the rise of Sufi mysticism, with its emphasis on internal spiritual activity and direct enlightenment, enabling them to challenge or reinforce social and political hierarchies as they entertained the masses with tales of moral edification. As these charismatic figures developed a popular following, they often aroused the wrath of scholars and elites, who resented innovative interpretations of Islam that undermined orthodox religious authority and blurred social and gender barriers.

Critics of popular preachers and storytellers worried that they would corrupt their audiences' understanding of Islam. Their defenders argued that preachers and storytellers could contribute to the consensus of the Islamic community as to what constituted acceptable religious knowledge. In the end, religious knowledge, and the definition of Islam as it was commonly understood, remained porous and flexible throughout the Middle Period, thanks in part to the activities of popular preachers and storytellers.

Publications on the Near East Series, Washinton UP, 2001, geb, 143 pp, € 12.50, 9780295981260
Bhatnagar, R. S.
The Varieties of Mystical Experience of Urdu Sufi Poets (13th to 20th Century A.D.)
Prijs onder voorbehoud.
Edwin Mellen Press, 2008, geb, 212 pp, € 86.50, 9780773451155
Biegman, N.
Soefis, rituelen in het Midden-Oosten en de Balkan
KIT Publ., 2009, geb, 200 pp, € 29.50, 9789068327922
Biegman, Nicolaas
Living Sufism. Sufi Rituals in the Middle East and the Balkans
KIT Publ., 2009, pap, 188pp, € 27.50, 9789460220289
Bly, R.
Het Kabir boek
Sufi Publications, 2008, pap, 87 pp, € 12.00, 9789086180073
Boer, S. A.
Waar twee oceanen samenkomen. De inspriratie van Sjams en Roemi
vertaald uit het Perzisch door S.A. den Boer mmv A. C. Swierenga
Synthese, 2007, pap, 253 pp, € 17.50, 9789062710195
Brenner, L.
West African Sufi. The Religious Heritage and Spiritual Search of Cerno Bokar Saalif Taal
"Anndude anndaa yo woni anndal manngal. [The greatest knowledge is to know one does not know.]" These words were spoken by Cerno Bokar, a contemplative Muslim mystic and teacher from what is now the Republic of Mali. Cerno Bokar was a devout Muslim who devoted his life to acquiring a deeper understanding of Islam, and to searching for what he considered to be the universal truths that reside at the core of all religions, a search that was marked by ceaseless and persistent questioning. But toward the end of his life the personal religious commitment of this humble and tolerant man was challenged, and he became the victim of destructive political tensions then raging in colonial French West Africa. He spent the final months of his life under virtual house arrest, banned from the local mosque, his school closed, and his Sufi disciples dispersed, a systematic oppression that hastened his death in 1940. West African Sufi documents the evolution of this tragic crisis, but more important, it evokes Cerno Bokar's personal engagement with Islam and Islamic mysticism in his own words and describes in rich detail the religious and cultural milieu that shaped this engagement.
Hurst, 2005, pap, 215 pp, € 21.00, 9781850657934
Bruijn, T. de
The Ruby in the Dust. Poetry and History of the Padmavat by the Indian Sufi Poet Muhammad Jayasi
Leiden UP, 2011, pap, 352 pp, € 47.95, 9789087281120
Bruinessen, M. van & J.D. Howell
Sufism and the 'Modern' in Islam
Sufism has not only survived into the twenty-first century but has experienced a significant resurgence throughout the Muslim world.

Sufism and the 'Modern' in Islam offers refreshing new perspectives on this phenomenon, demonstrating surprising connections between Sufism and Muslim reformist currents, and the vital presence of Sufi ideas and practices in all spheres of life. Contrary to earlier theories of the modernization of Muslim societies, Sufi influence on the political, economic and intellectual life of contemporary Muslim societies has been considerable. Although less noticed than the resurgence of radical Islam, Sufi orders and related movements involve considerably larger numbers of followers, even among the modern urban middle classes. This innovative study brings together new comparative and interdisciplinary research to show how Sufis have responded to modernization and globalization and how various currents of Islamic reform and Sufism have interacted. Offering fascinating new insights into the pervasive Sufi influence on modern Islamic religiosity and contemporary political and economic life, this book raises important questions about Islam in the age of urbanism and mass communications.

I.B.Tauris, 2012, pap, 367 pp, € 24.00, 9781780763798
Chittick, W.C.
Beginners Guide, Oneworld, 2007, pap, 233 pp, € 16.95, 9781851685479
Daylami, Abu Hasan Ali ben Muhammad (transl. by J.N. Bell)
A Treatise on Mystical Love
Journal of Arabic and Islamic Studies Monographs Series, Edinburgh UP, 2005, geb, 224 pp, € 82.50, 9780748619153
Dressler, M., R. Geaves & G. Klinkhammer
Sufis in Western Society. Global networking and locality
Routledge Sufi Series, Routledge, 2009, geb, 207 pp, € 97.00, 9780415457118
Ephrat, D.
Spiritual Wayfarers, Leaders in Piety. Sufis and the Dissemination of Islam in Medieval Palestine
Harvard Middle Eastern Monographs XL, Harvard UP, 2008, pap, 223 pp, € 19.95, 9780674032019
Frembgen, J. W.
Journey to God. Sufis and Dervishes in Islam
Oxford UP, 2008, geb, 350 pp, € 16.95, 9780195476422
Gall, Dina Le
A Culture of Sufism. Naqshbandis in the Ottoman World, 1450-1700
Unearths the history of the Naqshbandiyya, one of the most widespread and enduring Sufi brotherhoods.
SUNY Series in Medieval Middle East History, SUNY, 2005, geb, 285 pp, € 47.50, 9780791462454
Goudappel, Annerieke
Vagebond. In de ban van de mystieke islam
Atlas, 2011, pap, 160 pp, € 16.00, 9789045016603
Hoffman, V. J.
Sufism, Mystics, and Saints in Modern Egypt
South Carolina UP, 2009, pap, 461 pp, € 34.50, 9781570038495
Keeler, A.
Sufi Hermeneutics. The Quran Commentary of Rashid Al-Din Maybudi
Oxford UP, 2007, geb, 416 pp, € 90.00, 9780199214785
Lewisohn, L. & C. Shackle (eds)
Attar and the Persian Sufi Tradition. The Art of Spiritual Flight
by order
I.B. Tauris, 2006, geb, 355 pp, € 58.75, 1845111486 / 9781845111489
Malik, J. & J. Hinnells (eds)
Sufism in the West
Routledge, 2006, pap, 207 pp, € 39.00, 0415274087 / 9780415274081
McAuley, D.E.
Ibn `Arabī's Mystical Poetics
The first full-length monograph devoted to the Diwan (collected poems) of Muhi I-Din ' Arabi (1165-1240), a hugely influential figure in the development of Sufism.
Oxford Oriental Monographs, Oxford UP, 2012, geb, 288 pp, € 100.00, 9780199659548
McGregor, R.J.A.
Sanctity and Mysticism in Medieval Egypt, The Wafa Sufi Order and the Legacy of Ibn Arabi
SUNY Series in Islam, SUNY, 2004, geb, 246 pp, € 66.40, 978 0791460115
Nicholson, R.A.
The Kashf Al-Mahjub, The Oldest Persian Treatise On Sufism 1911
Kessinger Publishings Rare Reprints, 2008, pap, 443 pp, € 37.50, 9780548607640
Omar Chajjaam
De kwatrijnen van Omar Chajjaam. Gedichten
Acb. Vertaling Paul Claes naar E. Fitzgerald
Meulenhoff/Manteau, 2010, geb, 64 pp, € 19.95, 9789085422259
Picken, G.
Spiritual Purification and Islam. The Life and Works of al-Muhasibi
Routledge Sufi Series, Routledge, 2009, geb, 272 pp, € 87.90, 9780415548229
Quraeshi, S.
Sacred Spaces. A Journey with the Sufis of the Indus
With Ali S. Asani, Carl W. Ernst, and Kamil Khan Mumtaz. Tb
Harvard UP, 2010, 296 pp, € 63.95, 9780873658591
Raudvere, Catharina
The Book and the Roses. Sufi Women, Visibility, and Zikir in Contemporary Istanbul.
Is Sufism only a world of poetry, miniature paintings and music and is the repetitive act of chanting 'the most beautiful names of God' an exclusive male matter?

The book and the Roses presents a study of how Sufi women in contemporary Istanbul practice the repetitive zikir prayer and how the seek legitimacy for their activities. The study is based on fieldwork in the 1990s and is focused on one of the many small groups that lately have seen the light of day within the Turkish Muslim movement.

Contents: - Encountering Sufism in contemporary Istanbul: introduction I. Access, visibility, and mobility: Islam in Turkey after 1983. - Islam as a lived practice - Out of the field II. Gonenli's group: Sufi women constructing rooms of their own. - From a circle of friends to an established endowment - Modern ve Dindar: the life and legends of the Hoca III. 'Get exuberant with zikir': women in command of commemorative prayers. - Performing zikir at the Vakif Merkezi - A Friday afternoon at the Vakif Merkezi IV. Political Sufism and Spiritual Islam -Epilogue

Swedish Research Institue in Istanbul, Transaction vol 12, I.B.Tauris, 2003, pap, 248 pp, € 29.50, 9789186884116
Raudvere, C., L. Stenberg
Sufism Today. Heritage and Tradition in the Global Community
Library of Modern Religion, I.B. Tauris, 2009, geb, 259 pp, € 59.00, 9781845117627
Renard, J.
Historical Dictionary of Sufism
by order
Historical Dictionaries of Religions, Philosophies and Movements, Scarecrow Press, 2005, geb, 351 pp, € 75.00, 0810853426
Ridgeon, L.
Jawanmardi. A Sufi Code of Honour
Edinburgh UP, 2011, geb, 224 pp, € 84.00, 9780748641826
Ridgeon, L.
Morality and Mysticism in Persian Sufism. A History of Sufi-Futuwwa in Iran
Routledge Sufi Series, Routledge, 2009, geb, 240 pp, € 87.90, 9780415544344
Ridgeon, L.
Sufi Castigator. Ahmad Kasravi and the Iranian Mystical Tradition
Routledge, 2006, geb, 244 pp, € 98.50, 0415316359 / 9780415316354
Rumi, Jalal al-Din / Roemi, Jalal al-Din
Daglicht, een dagboek van spirituele leiding
Synthese, 2003, pap, 223 pp, € 18.50, 9789062719631
Rumi, Jalal al-Din / Roemi, Jalal al-Din
De leeuw die ging jagen... en andere dierenverhalen
De Perzische soefidichter en mysticus Rumi (1207-1273) wordt in Turkije als nationale held vereerd en is in Amerika de meest gelezen dichter. Zijn hoofdwerk Masnavi, een verzameling verhalen en leerstukken in zes delen, stond in het oude Perzie in hoog aanzien en werd zelfs 'de kleine Koran' genoemd. Dierenfabels nemen in de Masnavi een speciale plaats in, omdat op speelse wijze het menselijk gedrag erin aan de kaak wordt gesteld. De leeuw staat soms boven de mens, maar handelt ook als een mens, net als de vos en de wolf in het titelverhaal van de bundel. Samen gaan ze op jacht en eerlijk zullen ze de buit verdelen, maar wat is eerlijk in de ogen van een leeuw?

Rumi-kenner Wim van der Zwan, die ook eerder al een bundel dierenverhalen samenstelde (Hoe de apen Boeddha vereerden), selecteerde uit de Masnavi de mooiste dierenverhalen en vertelt ze na in eigentijds Nederlands.

Gottmer Uitgeversgroep, 2011, pap, 208pp, € 14.90, 9789069639512
Rumi, Jalal al-Din / Roemi, Jalal al-Din
De Masnavi van Jalaluddin Rumi, boek 1
Veraling door Marcel Derkse
Sufi Publications/de Voorde, 2007, geb, 246 pp, € 29.90, 9789086180059
Rumi, Jalal al-Din / Roemi, Jalal al-Din
Juwelen. Een dagboek met 365 fragmenten van wijsheid. Bloemlezing uit de Masnawi naar de engelse bewerking van Camille en Kabir Helminsky
vertaald door S.A. den Boer en A. C. Swierenga
Synthese, 2006, pap, 224 pp, € 17.50, 9789062710102
Rumi, Jalal al-Din / Roemi, Jalal al-Din
Licht op licht. Dichterlijk dansen met God. Bloemlezing uit de Diwan-e Sjams-e Tabrizi en de Masnawi
vertaald uit het Perzisch door S.A. den Boer
Synthese, 2010, pap, 359 pp, € 19.50, 9789062710744
Rumi, Jalal al-Din / Roemi, Jalal al-Din
Liefde is de weg. Kwatrijnen van Roemi
vertaald uit het Perzisch door S.A. den Boer
Synthese, 2007, pap, 128 pp, € 16.50, 9789062710201
Rumi, Jalal al-Din / Roemi, Jalal al-Din
Achthonderd jaar geleden werd de grote Perzische soefidichter en mysticus Rumi geboren. In Turkije wordt deze 'meester-alchemist van de liefde' vereerd als een nationale held en in de Verenigde Staten geldt hij als de meest gelezen dichter. Deepak Chopra, een groot bewonderaar van Rumi, selecteerde een aantal van diens mooiste liefdesgedichten, die door Fereydoun Kia opnieuw werden vertaald.
Altamira-Becht, 2007, geb, 64 pp, € 9.95, 9789069637679
Rumi, Jalal al-Din / Roemi, Jalal al-Din
Mystical Poems of Rumi
University of Chicago Press, 2009, pap, 439 pp, € 19.95, 9780226731629
Rumi, Jalal al-Din / Roemi, Jalal al-Din
The Masnavi, Book 1
The Masnavi is the greatest work by the Persian mystic Rumi, widely recognized as the greatest Sufi poem ever written, and often referred to as 'the Qur'an in Persian'. Rumi is the greatest mystic poet to have written in Persian, and the Masnavi is his masterpiece. Divided into six books and consisting of some 26,000 verses, the poem was designed to convey a message of divine love and unity to the disciples of Rumi's Sufi order, known today as the Whirling Dervishes.

The translation is based on the best critical edition of the original text, which is in turn based on the most authentic manuscripts. Jawid Mojaddedi's sparkling new verse translation of Book One is consistent with the aims of the original work in presenting Rumi's most mature mystical teachings in simple and attractive rhyming couplets. The accompanying introduction and notes make this the ideal introduction to Rumi for the non-specialist reader.

Oxford World's Classics, Oxford UP, 2008, pap, 304 pp, € 13.00, 9780199552313
Rumi, Jalal al-Din / Roemi, Jalal al-Din
The Masnavi, Book 2
The Masnavi is the greatest work by the Persian mystic Rumi, widely recognized as the greatest Sufi poem ever written, and often referred to as 'the Qur'an in Persian'. Rumi is the greatest mystic poet to have written in Persian, and the Masnavi is his masterpiece. Divided into six books and consisting of some 26,000 verses, the poem was designed to convey a message of divine love and unity to the disciples of Rumi's Sufi order, known today as the Whirling Dervishes.

The translation is based on the best critical edition of the original text, which is in turn based on the most authentic manuscripts. Jawid Mojaddedi's sparkling new verse translation is consistent with the aims of the original work in presenting Rumi's most mature mystical teachings in simple and attractive rhyming couplets. Book Two of Rumi's Masnavi is concerned with the challenges facing the seeker of Sufi enlightenment. In particular it focuses on the struggle against the self, and how to choose the right companions in order to progress along the mystical path. By interweaving amusing stories and profound homilies, Rumi instructs his followers in a style that still speaks directly to us. The accompanying introduction and notes make this the ideal introduction to Rumi for the non-specialist reader.

Oxford World's Classics, Oxford UP, 2008, pap, 304 pp, € 14.50, 9780199549917
Rumi, Jalal al-Din / Roemi, Jalal al-Din
The Masnavi, Book 3
The Masnavi is the greatest work by the Persian mystic Rumi, widely recognized as the greatest Sufi poem ever written, and often referred to as 'the Qur'an in Persian'. Rumi is the greatest mystic poet to have written in Persian, and the Masnavi is his masterpiece. Divided into six books and consisting of some 26,000 verses, the poem was designed to convey a message of divine love and unity to the disciples of Rumi's Sufi order, known today as the Whirling Dervishes. Like the earlier books, Book Three interweaves amusing stories with homilies to instruct pupils in mystical knowledge. It has a special focus on epistemology, illustrated with narratives that involve the consumption of food.

The translation is based on the best critical edition of the original text, which is in turn based on the most authentic manuscripts. The accompanying introduction and notes make this the ideal introduction to Rumi for the non-specialist reader. Translated by Jawid Mojaddedi

Oxford World's Classics, Oxford UP, 2013, pap, 317 pp, € 14.50, 9780199652037
Rumi, Jalal al-Din / Roemi, Jalal al-Din
Van dag tot dag
Dit boek bestaat uit 365 verrassende, even tijdloze als actuele uitspraken samengesteld uit de Masnavi van Roemi, de beroemde Perzische mysticus, dichter en leraar die zevenhonderdvijftig jaar geleden leefde. De 365 uitspraken, een voor iedere dag, waarvan de inhoud het complete scala van het aardse leven, maar ook de meest verheven niveaus van de metafysica en het kosmisch bewustzijn beschrijft in een beeldrijke, poetische taal. Roemi wordt allerwegen herontdekt als groot spiritueel leraar.

Samenstelling & vertaling: S.A. den Boer m.m.v. A.C. Swierenga

Synthese, 2011, geb, 400 pp, € 19.95, 9789062710935
Rumi, Jalal al-Din / Roemi, Jalal al-Din / A.J. Arberry
Honderd verhalen uit de Masnavi van Roemi
Panta Rhei, 2001, geb, 278 pp, € 17.50, 9789076771076
Rumi, Mevlana Djalaluddin / Rumi, Jalal al-Din / Roemi, Jalal al-Din
Vertaald door Abdulhawid van Bommel.
De Masnavi is het meesterwerk van de Perzische mysticus Rumi (1207-1273), en staat bekend als 'de Koran in het Perzisch'. Het is verdeeld in 6 boeken en bestaat uit ca 26.000 verzen. De invloed van dit boek kan nauwelijks overschat worden. Deze Nederlandse vertaling is tot stand gekomen naar aanleiding van het 800 geboortejaar van Rumi- aangegrepen door de Unesco om 2007 tot 'Jaar van Mevlana en tolerantie' uit te roepen.

In deze uitgave is een inleiding over Rumi's leven, werk en boodschap opgenomen.

Turkevi, 2013, geb, 1184 pp, € 45.00, 9789077814239
Safavi, S. G.
Rumis Mystical Design. Reading the Mathnawi, Book One
SUNY, 2009, pap, 276 pp, € 24.00, 9781438427966
Sands, K.Z.
Sufi Commentaries on the Quran in Classical Islam
Routledge Studies in the Quan, Routledge, 2005, geb, 196 pp, € 125.00, 0415366852 / 9780415366854
Schimmel, A.
Mystical Dimensions of Islam. 35th Anniversary Edition
Thirty-five years after its original publication, Mystical Dimensions of Islam still stands as the most valuable introduction to Sufism, the main form of Islamic mysticism. This edition brings to a new generation of readers Annemarie Schimmel's historical treatment of the transnational phenomenon of Sufism, from its beginnings through the nineteenth century.
Schimmel's sensitivity and deep understanding of Sufism -its origins, development, and historical context - as well as her erudite examination of Sufism as reflected in Islamic poetry, draw readers into the mood, the vision, and the way of the Sufi. In the foreword, distinguished Islam scholar Carl W. Ernst comments on the continuing vitality of Schimmel's book and the advances in the study of Sufism that have occurred since the work first appeared.
North Carolina UP, 1975/2011, pap, 512 pp, € 36.00, 9780807899762
Schimmel, A.
Meesters in de spiritualiteit, Averbode, 2002, pap, 131 pp, € 15.95, 9789031718566
Sedgwick, M.J.
Sufism. The Essentials
American University of Cairo Press, 2003, pap, 126 pp, € 21.00, 774248236
Seyed-Gohrab, A.A.(red)
The great Umar Khayyam, a global reception of the Rubaiyat
The Rubaiyat by the Persian poet Umar Khayyam (1048-1131) is used in contemporary Iran as a resistance literature, symbolizing the secularist voice in cultural debates. While Islamic fundamentalists criticize Khayyam as an atheist and materialist philosopher who questions Gods creation and the promise of reward or punishment in the hereafter, secularist intellectuals see in him an example of a scientist who scrutinizes the mysteries of the world. Others see a spiritual master, a Sufi, who guides people to the truth. This volume collects eighteen essays on the history of the reception of Umar Khayyam in various literary traditions, exploring how his philosophy of doubt, carpe diem, hedonism, and in vino veritas has inspired generations of poets, novelists, painters, musicians, calligraphers and filmmakers. Dr. A.A. Seyed-Gohrab is track-leader of the Persian Studies programme at Leiden University.
Iranian Studies Series, Leiden UP, 2012, pap, 267 pp, € 44.95, 9789087281571
Seyed-Gohrab, Asghar
Soefisme, een levende traditie
Zo min mogelijk eten en je afzonderen van de mensen, of juist dronken en naakt over straat lopen - wat heeft dat te maken met liefde voor God? Waarom getuigt het van liefde als je vrome burgers belachelijk maakt, als je je afkeert van de maatschappij, niet werkt en gaat bedelen?

In Soefisme. Een levende traditie laat Asghar Seyed-Gohrab zien hoe islamitische mystici vanaf de achtste eeuw op zoek gingen naar de essentie van het goddelijke door alles wat tussen de mens en God staat uit te schakelen. Het blijkt een zoektocht naar de essentie van wat ons mens maakt.

De religieuze filosofie van de islam, het soefisme, is een verinnerlijking van het geloof. Soefi's hebben door de eeuwen heen willen aantonen hoe het mogelijk is om tot een persoonlijke verhouding met God te komen. De debatten hierover geven inzicht in de manier waarop van oudsher, en ook in deze tijd, zelfs de heiligste wetten en overtuigingen binnen de islam ontleed worden en onderworpen aan kritische analyse. Het soefisme staat hiermee lijnrecht tegenover de conservatieve orthodoxie die zich uitsluitend op de letter van het geloof verlaat.

Asghar Seyed-Gohrab (1968) is universitair hoofddocent bij de opleiding Midden-Oostenstudies aan de Universiteit Leiden. Hij heeft tal van artikelen, boeken en vertalingen op zijn naam staan. Hij is een van de editors van de achttiendelige A History of Persian Literature. Hij schrijft regelmatig artikelen voor de Encyclopaedia Iranica en de Encyclopaedia of Islam. Zijn onderzoek is beloond met verschillende NWO-subsidies, waaronder een Vidi.

Prometheus Bert Bakker, 2015, pap, 224 pp, € 19.95, 9789035142749
Sharib, Zahurul Hassan
Soefi Trilogie
Oase, 1995, pap, 103 pp, € 10.00, 9789074792103
Sharma, Sunil
Amir Khusraw: The Poet of Sultans and Sufis
VAn 49,- voor 35,-

Surveys the life and lyrics of the 14th century Persian-speaking Indian poet.

Makers of the Muslim World Series, Oneworld, 2005, geb, 140 pp, € 35.00, 9781851683628
Werbner, Pnina
Pilgrims of Love: The Anthropology of a Global Sufi Cult
This book will be of interest not only to those concerned with Pakistan and the new Muslim presence in Europe, but also to those interested in an anthropological study of religion. Barbara Metcalf, University of California, DavisPnina Werbner traces the development of a Sufi Naqshbandi order founded by a living saint, Zindapir, whose cult originated in Pakistan and has extended globally to Britain, Europe, the Middle East, and southern Africa. Drawing on 12 years of fieldwork in Pakistan and Great Britain, she elucidates the complex organization of Sufi orders as regional and transnational cults, and examines how such cults are manifested through ritual action and embodied in sacred mythology and global diasporas. A focus of the study is the key event in the order s annual ritual cycle, a celebration in which tens of thousands of people gather at the saint s lodge in Pakistan and in the streets of Britain. Werbner challenges accepted anthropological and sociological truths about Islam and modernity, and reflects on her own role as ethnographic observer. Pilgrims of Love is a major contribution to our understanding of disaporic Islamic practices, highlighting the vitality of Sufi orders in the postcolonial world.
Hurst &Co, 2003, pap, 348 pp, € 25.00, 9781850656517
Witteveen, H.J.
Universeel soefisme, de weg van liefde, harmonie en schoonheid
In dit boek zet Dr. H.J. Witteveen uiteen hoe de mystieke stroming van het soefisme behulpzaam kan zijn bij het vinden van het noodzakelijke evenwicht tussen de culturen van Oost en West. De soefi-boodschap van liefde voor en harmonie tussen innerlijke en uiterlijke wereld heeft een universele geldigheid. Zij is diepzinnig in haar eenvoud, praktisch, en direct toepasbaar in het dagelijks leven. Daarom kan het soefisme bij uitstek de basis leggen voor de nieuwe culturele samenhang waarnaar we op zoek zijn.
Panta Rhei, 2000, pap, 210 pp, € 17.95, 9789076771021
Witteveen, H.J., Hazrat Inayat Khan
Soefisme, de religie van het hart. Essenties uit het werk van Hazrat Inayat Khan
De soefi verlangt naar het directe contact met de Ene en het is zijn verlangen om instrument te zijn van de Ene. De soefi voelt zich dan ook aangetrokken tot actieve meditatievormen zoals muziek, dans, en poezie. Het soefisme wordt ook wel 'de traditie van het hart' genoemd. Het is de verfijnde trilling van een vrij hart, de warme hartskwaliteit, schoonheid en de liefde voor het leven die de soefi centraal stelt.

Dr. H.J.Witteveen heeft een aantal belangrijke hoofdstukken geselecteerd uit het werk van de soefi-mysticus Hazrat Inayat Khan, de grondlegger van het universele soefisme.

Juwelenschip, 2010, pap, 383 pp, € 24.95, 9789021547862