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Armanios, F.
Coptic Christianity in Ottoman Egypt
Egypt's Coptic Christians are the largest non-Muslim minority in the Middle East. Yet Copts, one of the world's oldest Christian communities, remain understudied relative to other ethnic and religious minorities in the region. They have been marginalized in existing scholarship, their experience subsumed by that of the majority Muslim population within Egypt. This is particularly true in studies of the Ottoman era (1517-1798), a pivotal period in the shaping of modern Egypt. This book is the first monograph to examine the religious beliefs and traditions of Christians in Ottoman Egypt and to understand Coptic religious expression in the context of its surrounding culture. More broadly, this study reveals Ottoman society's diversity by examining the intimate interaction between Muslim and Christian practice, and between the Muslim majority and ethno-religious minorities generally. This book will not only enrich our understanding of the Ottoman period but also elucidate the complex relations between majority and minority populations in the Middle East today.
Oxford UP, 2011, geb, 254 pp, € 64.50, 9780199744848
Ayad, M. (ed.)
Coptic Culture. Past, Present and Future
In May 2008, the Coptic Orthodox Centre in Stevenage, UK organised a conference on Coptic Culture: Past, Present, and Future. The conference aimed to highlight the contributions and achievements of one of the most obscure periods of Egyptian history: the Coptic Period. The importance of this period lies in its valuable contributions to some of the most formative theological debates of Christianity. Strictly defined as a Late Antique culture, spanning only the third to the seventh centuries AD, the heritage of the Coptic Period still survives today in the artistic expression, liturgical services, and heritage of millions of Egyptian Christians who live in Egypt and abroad.

This period's lasting contributions, however, remain underappreciated and many of its aspects remain unclear or unknown to the general public. For the first time, the conference at the Coptic Centre brought together specialists working on all aspects of Coptic culture, from its earliest phases to the present day. One of the aims of the conference was to highlight new research on Coptic art, writings, and archaeology. By bringing together specialists, academics and Coptic clergy, the conference fostered an active discussion of what defined Coptic identity in centuries past and what it means to be Coptic in contemporary culture, both in Egypt and abroad. This book presents the conference's themes and results.

David Brown Book Company, 2011, geb, 300 pp, € 41.50, 9781935488279
Bailey, B.J. & J.M. Bailey
Who Are the Christians in the Middle East?
Eerdmans Publishing, 2003, pap, 215 pp, € 26.90, 0802810209
Baumer, C.
The Church of the East. An illustrated history of Assyrian Christianity
I.B. Tauris, 2006, geb, 336 pp, € 42.50, 9781845111151
Behr, J., A. Louth & D. Conomos
Abba, The Tradition of Orthodoxy in the West. Festschrift for Bishop Kallistos Ware
SVS Press, 2003, pap, 376 pp, € 26.00, 0881412481
Behr-Sigel, E.
The Ministry of Women in the Church
Continuum, 1999, pap, 229 pp, € 19.25, 0961854561
Behr-Sigel, E.
The Place of the Hart. An Introduction to Orthodox Spirituality
Oakwood Publications, 1992, pap, 177 p, € 17.50, 1879038048
Bell, D. N.
Orthodoxy. Evolving Tradition
Cistercian Series Number 228, Cistercian Publications - Liturgical Press, 2008, pap, 241 pp, € 28.50, 9780879072285
Benz, E,
The Eastern Orthodox Church. Its Thought and Life
Transaction Publishers, 1957 / 2009, pap, 230 pp, € 36.00, 9780202362984
Binns, J.
An Introduction to the Christian Orthodox Churches
This clear and accessible introduction describes the life of the Orthodox Churches of the Christian East from the accession of the Emperor Constantine in 312 up to the year 2000. It explores the nature of the various churches of the Christian East, both Chalcedonian and non-Chalcedonian Orthodox, the Church of the East, and Greek Catholic Churches. It explains both the common traditions and the different and sometimes divisive local characteristics. The distinctive Orthodox approaches to the themes of liturgy, theology, monastic life and spirituality, iconography, popular religion, mission, politics and the schism between East and West are discussed in turn. A final chapter examines the response of the Churches to their new freedom following the collapse of communism and the prospects for the future. For Christians of the West, a knowledge of Orthodoxy can open up fresh ways of looking at the Christian faith.
Cambridge UP, 2002, pap, 270pp, € 29.90, 9780521667388
Bradley, M.
Iran and Christianity. Historical Identity and Present Relevance
Continuum Religious Studies, Continuum, 2008, geb, 197 pp, € 95.00, 9781847060273
Breck, J.
Scripture in Tradition. The Bible and its Interpretation in the Orthodox Church
St. Vladimir’s Seminary Press, 2001, pap, 238 pp, € 23.00, 0881412260
Bulgakov, S.
Churchly Joy: Orthodox Devotions for the Church Year
Eerdmans, 2008, pap, 149 pp, € 14.50, 9780802848345
Bulgakov, S.
Icons and the Name of God
In Orthodox theology both the icon and the name of God transmit divine energies, theophanies, or revelations that imprint God's image within us. In Icons and the Name of God renowned Orthodox theologian Sergius Bulgakov explains the theology behind the Orthodox veneration of icons and the glorification of the name of God. In the process Bulgakov covers two major controversies -- the iconoclastic controversy (sixth to eighth centuries) and the "Name of God" controversy (early twentieth century) -- and explains his belief that an icon stops being merely a religious painting and becomes sacred when it is named.

This translation of two essays The Icon and Its Veneration and The Name of God -- available in English for the first time -- makes Bulgakov's rich thinking on these key theological concepts available to a wider audience than ever before.

Eerdmans, 2012, pap, 180 pp, € 29.50, 9780802866646
Bulgakov, S.
Jacob`s Ladder. On Angels
Eerdmans, 2010, pap, 169 pp, € 23.95, 9780802865168
Bulgakov, S.
Relics and Miracles. Two Theological Essays
Boris Jakim here presents two major theological essays by Russian Orthodox theologian Sergius Bulgakov in English translation for the first time.
"On Holy Relics," a 1918 response to Bolshevik desecration of the relics of Russian saints, develops a comprehensive theology of holy relics, connecting them with the Incarnation and showing their place in sacramental theology. The second essay, "On the Gospel Miracles," written in 1932, presents a Christological doctrine of miracles, focusing on how human activity relates to the works of Christ.
Both essays are suffused with Bulgakov's faith in Christian resurrection and with his signature "religious materialism," in which the corporeal is illuminated by the spiritual and the earthly is transfigured into the heavenly.
William. B. Eerdmans Publishing Company, 2011, pap, 116 pp, € 23.50, 9780802865311
Bulgakov, S.
The Burning Bush. On the Orthodox Veneration of the Mother of God
Eerdmans, 2009, pap, 191 pp, € 26.00, 9780802845740
Bulgakov, S.
The friend of the Bridegroom. On the Orthodox Veneration of the Forerunner.
Eerdmans, 2003, pap, 190 pp, € 34.00, 0802849792
Burkitt, F.
Early Syriac Theology. Early Eastern Christianity
Gorgias Press, 2009, pap, € 31.90, 9781607241263
Burkitt, F.
Marriage and the Sacraments
Gorgias Press, 2009, pap, € 31.90, 9781607241294
Burkitt, F.
The Bible in Syriac. Early Eastern Christianity
Gorgias Press, 2009, pap, € 31.90, 9781607241256
Cattoi, T.
Divine Contingency. Theologies of Divine Embodiment in Maximos the Confessor and Tsong kha pa
Gorgias Press, 2009, geb, € 114.90, 9781593339708
Chryssavgis, J. (ed.)
Cosmic Grace, Humble Prayer: The Ecological Vision of the Green Patriarch Bartholomew I
Revised Edition
Eerdmans Publishing, 2009, pap, 393pp, € 35.95, 9780802862617
Clerkx, E.
De Tichelkerk in de Jordaan, 100 jaar
Dit boekje beschrijft de eeuw dat de Tichelkerk in de Jordaan staat en schildert tevens de sociale en religieuze achtergronden van deze geschiedenis, met name waar het de Jordaan als armoedebuurt van Amsterdam betreft. Men vraagt zich af: waarom is de orde van de Minderbroeders Paters Capucijnen uitgerekend in deze onherbergzame stedelijke omgeving neergestreken? Ze hadden de opdracht de Posthoornkerk aan de Haarlemmerstraat missionair en herderlijk te ondersteunen in een gedeelte van de Jordaan waar de armoede het grootst was en de afstand tot de kerk navenant. Hoe slaagden ze daar in, en hoe kwam het dat de Tichelkerk in de jaren zestig zelfstandige parochiekerk werd en de Posthoorn juist gesloten werd? De paters bleken te passen in deze buurt, meer dan dat, de Jordaners spraken op het laatst van 'hun paters', zelfs als men niet gelovig was.

In 2004 gingen in de Tichelkerk de lichten definitief uit, de laatste paters vertrokken. Twee jaar later gingen de lichten weer aan: de Russisch-orthodoxen worden de nieuwe eigenaren en de Tichel blijft als kerk behouden. Het is de epiloog van een eeuwlang Tichelkerk en Paters capucijnen aan de Lijnbaansgracht. De historie is indrukwekkend, zij is interessant en zij heeft een happy ending - de Tichel herleeft in nieuwe gedaante...

Russisch-Orthodoxe parochie Heilige Nicolaas van Myra, 2012, pap, 67 pp, € 5.00, 100jaartichelkerk
Cunningham, M.B. & E. Theokritoff (ed.)
The Cambridge Companion to Orthodox Christian Theology
The Cambridge Companions to Series, Cambridge UP, 2008, pap, 321 pp, € 26.90, 9780521683388
Della Dora, V.
Imagining Mount Athos. Visions of a Holy Place from Homer to World War II
For more than one thousand years the monastic republic of Mount Athos has been one of the most chronicled and yet least accessible places in the Mediterranean. Difficult to reach until the last century and strictly restricted to male visitors only, the Holy Mountain of Orthodoxy has been known in the Eastern Christian world and in western Europe more through representation than through direct experience.

Most writing on Athos has focused on its Byzantine history and sacred heritage. Imagining Mount Athos uncovers a set of alternative and largely unexplored perspectives, equally important in the mapping and dissemination of Athos in popular imagination. The author considers Mount Athos as the site of pre-Christian myths of Renaissance and Enlightenment scholarship, of shelter for Allied refugees during the Second World War, and of a botanical and sociological laboratory for early-twentieth-century scientists. Each chapter considers a different narrative channel through which Athos has entered Orthodox and western European imagination: the mythical, the utopian, the sacred, the scholarly, the geopolitical, and the scientific.

Virginia UP, 2011, pap, 312 pp, € 55.50, 9780813930855
Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew
In the World, Yet Not of the World. Social and Global Initiatives of Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew
Fordham UP, 2009, geb, 335 pp, € 33.90, 9780823231713
Gabra, G.
The A to Z of the Coptic Church
A to Z Guide, Scarecrow Press, 2009, pap, 332 pp, € 32.50, 9780810868946
Gabra, G. & H. N. Takla (eds.)
Christianity and Monasticism in Upper Egypt. Volume 2: Nag Hammadi - Esna
The American University in Cairo Press, 2010, geb, 372 pp, € 36.00, 9789774163111
Garrard, J. & Garrard C.
Russian Orthodoxy Resurgent, Faith and Power in the New Russia
Princeton UP, 2008, geb, 326 pp, € 27.50, 9780691125732
Grdzelidze, T, M. George & L. Vischer (eds)
Witness Through Troubled Times. A History of the Orthodox Church of Georgia, 1811 to the Present
Bennett & Bloom, 2006, pap, 271 pp, € 26.50, 9781898948698
Greene, R. H.
Bodies Like Bright Stars. Saints and Relics in Orthodox Russia
Northern Illinois UP, 2009, geb, 299 pp, € 43.50, 9780875804095
Guirguis, M., N. Van Doorn-Harder, M. Shelley
The Emergence of the Modern Coptic Papacy
The Popes of Egypt 3, American University in Cairo Press, 2010, geb, 256 pp, € 32.50, 9789774161032
Hammond, C.E. & F.E. Brightman
Ancient Liturgies of the East
Gorgias Press, 2007, geb, 1183 pp, € 174.50, 9781593335014
Ignatius (Brianchaninov)
The Arena. Guidelines for Spiritual and Monastic Life
Subjects covered include unceasing prayer, the need for spiritual direction and the importance of Divine meditation. The original Russian edition was published in 1867. The work encapsulates the legacy of St. Ignatius (Brianchaninov) as it was published in the year of his death, after some forty years of monastic life. There is a helpful thirteen-page introduction is provided by Archimandrite (now Metropolitan) Kallistos (aka Timothy Ware) as well as a glossary of terms. The 2nd edition was reedited and newly typeset. It includes interior design features, subject and scripture indexes, and includes a short life of St Ignatius.
Holy Trinity Publications, 2012, pap, 282 pp, € 24.50, 9780884652878
Jenkins, Philip
Het vergeten christendom. De duizendjarige bloeitijd van de kerk in het Midden-Oosten, Afrika en Azie
In Het vergeten christendom maakt Jenkins op even verrassende als fascinerende wijze duidelijk dat het epicentrum van de christelijke macht aanvankelijk niet in West-Europa lag, zoals meestal wordt gedacht, maar ten oosten van Rome, in een wereld die zich uitstrekte van China tot Noord-Afrika. Jenkins verhaalt van de opkomst, bloei en ondergang van een christelijk rijk met diepe Afrikaanse en Aziatische wortels, die in sommige gevallen teruggaan tot de tijd van Jezus eerste volgelingen.

Dat dit christelijke rijk na Constantijn nog meer dan duizend jaar heeft voortbestaan, is een hoofdstuk uit de wereldgeschiedenis dat Jenkins in ditboek aan de vergetelheid ontrukt. Eeuwenlang zwaaiden de christelijke kerken de scepter over het Midden-Oosten, en in het nieuwe islamitische rijk fungeerden ze als bestuurlijke en academische machtscentra. Het vergeten christendom werpt een verhelderend licht op de verhouding tussen de christenen en hun islamitische overheersers en maakt duidelijk dat veel islamitische gebruiken en ideeen schatplichtig zijn aan deze verdwenen christelijke gemeenschappen.

Nieuw Amsterdam, 2011, pap, 320 pp, € 24.95, 9789046810422
Kallistos van Diokleia, Metropoliet
De kracht van de naam, het Jezusgebed in de Orthodoxe spiritualiteit
vertaald door D.A.M.Timmermann, te bestellen
Orthodox Logos, 2007, geb, 69 pp, € 10.00, 9789081155526
Kaufhold, H. (hg.)
Kleines Lexikon des Christlichen Orients
By Order
Harrassowitz, 2007, geb, 655 pp, € 67.50, 9783447053822
Krestjankin, J. Starets
Adviezen voor het geestelijk leven
Iveron, 2008, geb, 270 pp, € 14.00, 9789081331517
Littledale, R.F.
Offices from the Service-books of the Holy Eastern Church. Translation, Notes and Glossary
Gorgias Press, 2007, geb, 360 pp, € 76.00, 9781593334765
McGuckin, J.A.
The Orthodox Church: An Introduction to its History, Doctrine, and Spiritual Culture
Blackwell, 2008, geb, 457 pp, € 119.50, 9781405150668
Meinardus, O.F.A
Christians in Egypt. Orthodox, Catholic, and Protestant Communities Past and Present
The American University in Cairo Press, 2006, geb, 177 pp, € 31.50, 9789774249730
Meinardus, O.F.A
Two Thousand Years of Coptic Christianity
The American University in Cairo Press, 2004, pap, 344 pp, € 31.80, 9789774247576
Milkias, P.
Paulos Milkias Dictionary of Ethiopean Christianity
UPA, 2010, pap, 394 pp, € 41.50, 9780761852469
Miller, R. D. (ed.)
Syriac and Antiochan Exegesis and Biblical Theology for the 3rd Millennium
Gorgias Press, 2009, geb, € 107.50, 9781593334871
Nes, S.
The uncreated light. An Iconographical Study of the Transfiguration in the Eastern Church
Eerdmans, 2007, geb, 187 pp, € 24.50, 9780802817648
Nil Sorsky
The Authentic Writings
Cistercian Studies Series 221, Cistercian Publications, 2008, pap, 369 pp, € 34.90, 9780879073213
Noble, Samuel, Alexander Treiger
The Orthodox Church in the Arab World 700-1700. An Anthology of Sources
Arabic was among the first languages in which the Gospel was preached. The Book of Acts mentions Arabs as being present at the first Pentecost in Jerusalem, where they heard the Christian message in their native tongue. Christian literature in Arabic is at least 1,300 years old, the oldest surviving texts dating from the 8th century. Pre-modern Arab Christian literature embraces such diverse genres as Arabic translations of the Bible and the Church Fathers, biblical commentaries, lives of the saints, theological and polemical treatises, devotional poetry, philosophy, medicine, and history. Yet in the Western historiography of Christianity, the Arab Christian Middle East is treated only peripherally, if at all.

The first of its kind, this anthology makes accessible in English representative selections from major Arab Christian works written between the 8th and 18th centuries. The translations are idiomatic while preserving the character of the original. The popular assumption is that in the wake of the Islamic conquests, Christianity abandoned the Middle East to flourish elsewhere, leaving its original heartland devoid of an indigenous Christian presence. Until now, several of these important texts have remained unpublished or unavailable in English. Translated by leading scholars, these texts represent the major genres of Orthodox literature in Arabic. Noble and Treiger provide an introduction that helps form a comprehensive history of Christians within the Muslim world. The collection marks an important contribution to the history of medieval Christianity and the history of the medieval Near East.

Northern Illinois UP, 2014, pap, 375 pp, € 34.95, 9780875807010
O Mahoney, A. & E. Loosley (eds.)
Eastern Christianity in the Modern Middle East
Culture and Civilization in the Middle East, Routledge, 2009, geb, 184 pp, € 93.50, 9780415548038
Pabst, A. & C. Schneider (eds.)
Encounter Between Eastern Orthodoxy and Radical Orthodoxy. Transfiguring the World Through the Word
Ashgate, 2009, geb, 314 pp, € 75.95, 9780754660910
Parry, K., D.J. Melling, D. Brady, S.H. Griffith & J.F. Healy (eds)
The Blackwell Dictionary of Eastern Christianity
Blackwell Publishers, 2001, pap, 581 pp, € 39.00, 0631232036
Parry, K. (red.)
The Blackwell Companion to Eastern Christianity
Blackwell Companions to Religion, Wiley Blackwell, 2010, pap, 508pp, € 34.50, 9781444333619
Pavlova, N.
Een bloedig Pasen
Iveron Amsterdam, 2006, pap, 372 pp, € 20.00, 9080942618
Phillipson, D.W.
Ancient Churches of Ethiopia
Yale UP, 2009, geb, 230 pp, € 52.50, 9780300141566
Plekon, M.
Hidden Holiness
University of Notre Dame Press, 2009, pap, 212pp, € 29.95, 9780268038939
Puretzki, N. / Klooster van Sarow
Het leven en de lering van de heilige Serafim van Sarov
vertaald door M. Tooneman en G. Kochibrolashvili Op bestelling
reeks christelijke asceten en heiligen van Rusland, Gozalov Books, 2007, pap, 69 pp, € 12.00, 9789081276511
Roye, S. M.
The Inner Cohesion between the Bible and the Fathers in Byzantine Tradition. Towards a codico liturgical approach to the Byzantine biblical and patristic manuscripts
Throughout the rich history of Bible research and patrology, a palet of different traditions has always existed. One of these, which is based on an abundant manuscript tradition of biblical and patristic interpretation, is the tradition of the Eastern Orthodox Church. In this book a liturgico codicological approach to the Byzantine biblical and patristic manuscripts is set out. This approach offers a key to understanding the position of the biblical and patristic writings in the Eastern Orthodox Churches. It stems from what is termed a ‘liturgical hypothesis’ and implies the necessity of a thorough reclassification of the extant manuscripts.

Characteristic of the Orthodox approach are the anchoring of the biblical writings in the liturgy of the Church, and the close connection between the Scriptures and the interpretative framework of the fathers. Special attention is paid to setting out a path of codicological research that could redirect study of the Byzantine codices to a system that allows for a more inclusive picture of the original biotope in which the manuscripts were created and evolved. Once inside this biotope, the reasons for and choices behind the content and codex formation of the biblical and patristic manuscripts become apparent.

Orthodox Logos, 2008, geb, 247 pp, € 25.00, 9789081155533
Skoyles Jarkins, S. K.
Aphrahat the Persian Sage and the Temple of God. A Study of Early Syriac Theological Anthropology
Gorgias Press, 2009, geb, € 125.00, 9781593336790
Slageren, Jaap van
De Thomaschristenen van India
De levendige gemeenschap van thomaschristenen in Zuid-India (Kerala) dateert van het begin van de christelijke jaartelling. Haar oorsprong ligt bij de apostel Thomas, die in het jaar 52 dat gebied bezocht. Jaap van Slageren beschrijft haar geschiedenis en gebruiken, waarin hindoeistische, joodse en vroegchristelijke elementen te herkennen zijn en toont uitgebreid haar rijke liturgische traditie.

De thomaschristenen zijn beinvloed door de Syrische en Assyrische kerken en door achtereenvolgens de Portugese, de Nederlandse (VOC) en de Engelse overheersing. De thomaschristenen hebben een authentiek karakter behouden, terwijl de grote rooms-katholieke en protestantse kerken in Zuid-India een meer westers kerkpatroon zijn gaan volgen.

Met een nawoord van oudkatholiek aartsbisschop Joris Vercammen.

Dr. Jaap van Slageren werkte van 1963-1974 als missionaire predikant, docent en historicus in Kameroen. In 1972 promoveerde hij op de ontstaansgeschiedenis van de Evangelische Kerk van Kameroen. In Nederland was hij hervormd predikant (in de Bijlmermeer, Amsterdam, Slochteren en Kolham) en secretaris van de Nederlandse Zendingsraad. Daarnaast was hij docent Missiologie en Godsdienstwetenschap aan de Protestantse Theologische Faculteit van Brussel. Van zijn hand verscheen eerder bij Skandalon Joodse invloed in Afrika (2010).

Skandalon, 2013, 262 pp, € 29.50, 9789490708801
Sokolof, Archpriest D.
A Manual of The Orthodox Church’s Divine Services
Holy Trinity Monastery, Jordanville N.Y., 2001, pap, 176 pp, € 21.00, 0884650677
Sophrony, A.
De heilige Silouan de Athoniet
Orthodox Logos, 2007, geb, 541 pp, € 29.50, 9789081155519
Speake, G.
Mount Athos. Renewal in Paradise
Yale UP, 2002, pap, 295 pp, € 29.90, 0300103239
Stone, M.E.
Adamgirk. The Adam Book of Arakel of Siwnik
Oxford UP, 2007, geb, 352 pp, € 89.90, 9780199204779
Swanson, M.N.
The Popes of Egypt 2. The Coptic Papacy in Islamic Egypt (641-1517).
American University in Cairo Press, 2010, geb., 226 pp, € 34.50, 9789774160936
Yahya ibn Adi
The Reformation of Morals. A parallel Arabic-English edition translated and introduced by Sidney H. Griffith
Eastern Christian Texts, Brigham Young University Press, 2002, geb, 133pp, € 42.50, 0934893691 / 9780934893695